Supply shopping

Published 7:57 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008

Money has become an issue among many homes across Chilton County as well as the State of Alabama. Poor economic stability has caused parents to change plans over this past summer, including plans for vacation and even plans for buying their kids school supplies.

For the past few years the State of Alabama has celebrated a Tax Free Holiday where people can buy school supplies for three days in a row with no sales tax added onto the price.

The holiday was set up in hopes of helping many families get the proper supplies that their kids need for school. Teachers say that having the proper supplies before school starts really helps out when it comes time to get the kids in the classroom and set up for learning.

This year’s tax holiday will be taking place on Aug. 1 through Aug. 3. Over these three days everyone can find the supplies they need for any student getting ready for school. The holiday includes items such as clothing that is priced at $100 or less, school supplies such as paper, pens, notebooks that are priced at $50 or less, books that are required by the school for students to read priced at $30 or less, text books priced at $50 or less and computers and their equipment priced at $750 or less.

The holiday may not save a family hundreds of dollars on their students’ back to school supplies, but every little bit helps and with the average family spending $600 the $60 saved in tax money really goes a long way.

All of the local county schools have placed their supply list at the front of the store for parent’s convenience.