Poultry prices for July 23

Published 2:02 pm Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ATLANTA (AP) – The Georgia f.o.b. dock-quoted price on broilers and fryers for next week’s trading advanced .25 cents to 88.75 cents based on full truck load lots of ice pack USDA grade “A” sized 2 to 3 pound birds.

The market is slightly higher and the live supply is adequate for a good to light, mostly normal demand.

Average weights are ranging mostly desirable.

The f.o.b. dock quoted prices on ice pack parts based on truck load and pool truck load lots for next week’s trading are: line run tenders $1.74 and 1/2 cents; skinless boneless breasts $1.47; whole breasts 86; boneless skinless thigh meat $1.30; thighs 62.50; drumsticks 70; leg quarters 52.50; and wings $1.02.

Demand on line run tenders, skinless boneless breasts, whole breasts, boneless skinless thigh meat and wings is mostly normal; leg quarters and thighs is good to normal; while the demand on drumsticks ranges normal to good.