Jemison reports gas thefts

Published 10:01 pm Monday, July 21, 2008

A gallon of gas is worth a lot more than it used to be. As a result, people must keep a close watch on the gas they buy, lest they fall victim to a thief.

“I’ve had two [people] last week to call about gas,” City Council member Faye King said Monday night.

Police Chief Brian Stilwell said reports of stolen gas have not been frequent or concentrated in one particular area, but the three to four reports during this past month are probably more than the Jemison PD has seen in several years.

“There is not a huge increase in gas drive-offs,” Stilwell added. “They are stealing gas cans off of porches late at night, or they are using a hose or a siphon to siphon gas out of cars.”

Preventive measures are common sense: to keep gas cans well hidden and to purchase locking gas caps for automobiles.

The Police Department also has cited several residents for violating the city’s leash ordinance, which requires dogs that might be considered vicious to be kept in a pen.

“We have a big dog problem in my area, and it’s getting worse and worse,” King said.

In other business, King wanted to remind residents that the city typically picks up limbs on the first Monday of each month.

Also, Council member Raybon Ellison addressed potholes on County Road 42.

“They’re little, but they’ll get big [if they are not repaired],” he said.