Current leash law not being enforced

In February of this year, my beagle was on a leash in our backyard when a neighbor let their three pit bull dogs off their ... Read more

Good to be back in Peach Country

I still see the same honest people that are trying to improve the county as when I left. I know I’ve changed too, but I’d ... Read more

Working together for the good of the county

ISSUE: More than 20 local officials and other supporters were present Wednesday at a meeting of the state Certificate of Need Review Board that ... Read more

Deserving of great honor

Dear editor, I recently read an article in your paper about Danny Hayes of Hayes Drug in Jemison being voted Mr. Jemison. I would like ... Read more

Changing neighborhood

Dear editor, I live on Airport Road in Clanton with my 90-year-old mother. I remember growing up, this was a quiet, respectable neighborhood. The Reynolds ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Thankful for donations to scholarship fund

Dear editor, I would like to thank the people and businesses of Jemison and Thorsby for their donations for the Community Outreach Scholarship Fund. This ... Read more

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