Chilton County’s hospital game plan?

Dear editor, When do the doors of the new hospital open? If the answer is, “we don’t know,” then we have a problem. In this ... Read more

Concern develops over hospital situation

Dear editor, Let me see if I have this straight, we are entrusting either the reinvention of the old hospital or the creation of a ... Read more

Grateful for support during loss of loved one

Dear editor, The family of Paul Brooks wishes to thank the people of Chilton County for showing their love to our family during our loss ... Read more

Lake slows down for winter

By Peggy Bullard The fall on Lake Mitchell has been busy with the water drawdown in October and the Renew Our Rivers Lake cleanup on ... Read more

Thankful for new Christian supply store

It is a service that many in Chilton County, including myself, have been praying and seeking for. Read more