Crossing safety measures overdue

After much anticipation, it now appears we can finally rejoice in the fact that Thorsby will receive railroad crossing arms at intersections that have had ... Read more

Chilton County a great place to learn the “write” stuff

When I first began searching for places to do an internship, I knew that I wanted to work for a small-town paper. I think the ... Read more

Chilton staying put as it should

ISSUE: After going back and forth on the issue, the state Legislature decided to keep Chilton County in the 6th District Read more | 1 comment

Proposed districts bad fit for Chilton County

The Alabama Senate passed a plan Thursday that would move Chilton County from Alabama’s 6th Congressional District into the 3rd. This is bad for Chilton ... Read more | 1 comment

Local rates for EDC a good idea

ISSUE: Reduced rates for locals are being offered to rent the Jeff State/Clanton Economic Development Center Read more