Faith and Family

RELIGION COLUMN: Give God control of your life

By Emily Agee Thought for today: “Give thanks to the Lord of hosts; for the Lord is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” (Jeremiah ... Read more

RELIGION COLUMN: The violence of ultimate peacemaking

By Jake McCall When we think of something peaceful, we often think of something in nature like a stream or a valley, and then we ... Read more

SIMPLE TRUTH: May I simply summarize

By Charles Christmas For right now in my life and for my future journey, I sense one thing that I need most. It is a ... Read more

Church News for Thursday, March 27

Christ Independent Methodist Church Sunday being the third Sunday of Lent, it was a pleasure to note the beautiful world around me on my way ... Read more

RELIGION COLUMN: False Prophet that appeals to the masses

By Jake McCall Let’s imagine that two so-called coffee experts give me a presentation. Expert No. 1 tells me that while coffee has some appealing ... Read more