Gore celebrates 5th birthday

Mya Fayth Gore turned 5 years old July 17. Read more

Mims turns 2

Colson Scott Mims celebrated his 2nd birthday July 23. A “train” theme party was held at his Nana and Paw Paw’s house in Clanton. Helping ... Read more

Price to turn 3

Gavin Price will turn 3 on July 31. He is the son of Heath and Leah Price and the grandson of Mark and Margaret Johnson, ... Read more

McKee celebrates 4th

Terri McKee turned 4 years old on July 16. She is the daughter of Mary (B.J.) Robertson and Anthony McKee, and the granddaughter of Tina ... Read more

Hooper is 6

Dallas Hooper turned 6 years old on July 21. He is the son of Amanda Hooper and Jack Hooper and the grandson of Anita Powell. ... Read more