Morrison turning 6

Skylar Morrison will celebrate his 6th birthday June 6. He is the son of Kelsi and Brandon Morrison and the grandson of Tammy Howell and ... Read more

Cummings turns 1

John Conner Cummings celebrated his 1st birthday in December.  A snowman themed party was held at his home in Opelika, where guests had a great time ... Read more

Mims 95 years young

Amy Mims celebrated her 95th birthday April 22 at The Gardens of Clanton with a huge party where she received gifts from her family, Administrator ... Read more

Oaks turning 4

Keegan Oaks will turn 4 on May 15. He is the son of Matt and Christy Oaks and Kevin and Melissa Easterling, and the grandson ... Read more

Williams turns 3

Brieanna Leigh Williams celebrated her 3rd birthday on April 23 with a Barbie party. She shares her birthday with her cousin, Nathan Lee Price, who ... Read more