Clanton Fire Dept. reports for the week of July 6, 2014

Published 1:47pm Thursday, July 17, 2014

The following are Clanton Fire Department incidents for June 25-July 1:

June 25
•General illness: 100 Block Arthur Drive
•General illness: 900 Block Dandy Lane
•Motor vehicle accident: 4000 Block Fourth Ave. N.
•Fall: 3000 Block Seventh St. N.
•Unresponsive: 1100 Block Duren Road

June 26
•Chest Pain: 2200 Block Seventh St. S.
•Fall: 900 Block Fifth Ave. N.
•Motor vehicle accident: 2200 Block Seventh St. N.
•Motor vehicle accident: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.
•Overdose: 1100 Block Littlejohn Road
•General illness: 900 Block Lake Mitchell Road
•Public assist: 2800 Block Seventh St. N.
•Chest pain: 200 Block Wade St.
•Chest pain: 2100 Block Fourth Ave. N.

June 27
•Motor vehicle accident: 600 Block Second Ave. N.
•Allergic reaction: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.
•Assault: 1500 Block Mt. Pleasant Road

June 28
•Extremity injury: 3300 Block Lay Dam Road
•Fall: 100 Block Elwyn Ave.
•Syncope: 1600 Block Seventh St. S.
•General illness: 100 Block Liberty St.
•Fall: 800 Block 1Seventh Ave. N.
•Motor vehicle accident: 900 Block Fourth Ave. N.
•Public assist: 900 Block Lake Mitchell Road
•Fall: 100 Block Thompson Ave.

June 29
•Public assist: 4100 Block Gowan Road
•Choking: 900 Block Shannon Drive
•Overdose: 800 Block Caver Drive
•Chest pain: 300 Block City St.
•Syncope: 1400 Block Glenn Road

June 30
•Fall: 200 Block Wade St.
•Rubbish fire: 900 Block Enterprise Road

July 1
•Difficulty breathing: 2700 Block Seventh St. N.
•Medical alarm: 200 Block Pinedale Drive
•Chest pain: 2100 Block Seventh St. S.
•General illness: 100 Block Peach Tree Lane
•Public assist: 20 Block Fourth Ave. S.
•Fall: 2300 Block Seventh St. S.
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 N. at the 208 Mile Marker
•Heat incident: City Park Field C
•Public assist: 20 Block Fourth Ave. S.

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