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2014 Election Guide

Published 9:49am Friday, May 30, 2014

State Representative District 42

James M. (Jimmy) Martin

•Family: wife, Norma Martin; children, Jim Martin, Kim Robinson

•Education: Chilton County High School, John A. Gupton College

•Personal Message: My primary goal for District 42 deals with two of our greatest strengths, our location and our citizens. We are positioned between two capitols, our state’s political capitol in Montgomery and its business capitol in Birmingham. With industry surrounding our district we are perfectly positioned for skilled and high paying manufacturing, technology and other industries creating jobs right here at home. All we need is vision and the determination to do what is necessary. We have to focus on education from K-4 through technical schools and college. We must maintain an infrastructure that will facilitate growth. We must keep regulation and taxes at bay so that businesses will want to locate here. This is a formula for success. This is my vision, and if elected, I will go to work every day to see that it becomes our future.

Kurt Wallace (incumbent)

•Age: 56

•Family: wife, Connie; daughters, Jennifer Turner, Terri Williams; son, Jeremy; four grandchildren

•Education: Bachelors of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Management

•Personal Message: I am a strong and outspoken Christian Conservative. I strongly support Republican values regarding the traditional marriage, pro-life issues, and 2nd Amendment rights. I am pro small business and I believe that every child should have the opportunity for a good education regardless of his/her economic or social status. I believe that government should never do for us what we can do for ourselves.

Chilton County Sheriff

Kevin Davis (incumbent)

•Campaign Website: Facebook/Kevin Davis for Sheriff

•Age: 40

•Family: wife, Sweet Smitherman Davis; children, Kevin, Jordan, Sweet Destiny; two grandchildren

•Education: Isabella High School, University of Alabama law enforcement, over 2000 hours of law enforcement training

•Personal Message: First, I would like to thank each of you for allowing me to serve as your sheriff for the last eight years. During this time, the sheriff’s office has continued to move forward by improving the services we provide to the people of Chilton County. I ask you, the voter, to do one thing. Compare my training, experience, record, and dedication to Chilton County to all others when you go vote June 3. In closing, I have worked my entire life for the people of Chilton County and ask for your vote to continue serving you.

Eddie Price

•Campaign Website:;

•Age: 40

•Family: children, Lance, 12; Kayla, 23; Jason, deceased

•Education: Chilton County school system

•Personal Statement: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Chilton County for choosing me as their independent candidate for sheriff. I feel that having the ability to run for office as an independent allows me to focus less on the motives of corporate-like sponsors, as is often the case with both republican and democratic candidates, and focus more on the family values and community that the sheriff’s office is in place to support. It is important to me as it is our community, that any candidate for sheriff understands that not only is it the duty of the sheriff’s department to protect our community and represent its values, but that the sheriff’s department is also the main instrument in laying the foundation and framework for our community’s economic and social development. Any candidate should only be concerned with the well being of the people they represent.

John Shearon

•Campaign Website:

•Age: 46

•Family: wife, Lisa Shearon; daughter, Ashley Shearon; son, Paul Shearon

•Education: 1986 Graduate of Billingsley High School, 1998 Graduate of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept Training Academy, 700 plus hours of specialized training including: APOST Certification Number R-1167, First Line Supervision Training, Certified Fire Investigator, Certified Hostage Negotiator, High Risk Calls Training, Patrol Officers Response to Street Narcotics Training, Criminal Investigator training, Death and Homicide Training, Interview and Interrogation Training, Property Crime and Recovery Investigation Training, Crime Scene Technology and Evidence Collection Training, Clandestine Lab Investigations Advanced, Media Relations for Law Enforcement, Property and Evidence Management

•Personal Message: I am a Republican candidate for sheriff in the June 3 primary. I’ve been married to Lisa Willis Shearon for 25 years and we have two children. My family attends Samaria Baptist Church where I serve as a deacon. I’ve been in law enforcement for over 15 years, most of those serving the citizens of Chilton County. I’ve talked to many people here in the county and have listened to your concerns. Allow me to serve you as your next sheriff and I would appreciate your vote on June 3. Your vote would mean that your voice is being heard. Remember, “Together We Can Make a Difference” to make Chilton County a safer place to raise your family. If you would like to learn more about me or contact me, please send me a message on Facebook or visit my website. Thank you for your time and support.

Terry Wilson

•Campaign email:

•Age: 65

•Family: children, Levone Wilson, Brian Wilson, Terry R. Wilson, Terry O. Wilson; three grandchildren

•Education: Chilton County High School, Selma University

•Personal Message: As a current Calera police officer, I am running for Sheriff of Chilton County. I have three sons and three grandsons. I was educated in the Chilton County School System and reside in Maplesville. I have served as Deacon for 30 plus years at New Convert Baptist Church. I have also served as a police officer for 17 years, serving with Chilton County for 11 years. While serving as an officer, I have received numerous awards for my dedication, including Officer of the Year- Chilton County 1993 and Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year- Calera Police Dept. 2004. I would like to thank everyone who turned out and voted for me. I am deeply grateful for your support. I am asking everyone to please turn out for this run off, for this is a very important election for Chilton County.

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