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Church News for Thursday, April 24

Published 8:24pm Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rocky Mount UMC

Are you an Outlier? Do you fail to fall within the acceptable limits of society? Jesus was. He shook the religion of the day to its core. He challenged the acceptable limits of society. He talked with a Samaritan adulteress. He ate with a tax collector. He consorted with Gentiles and ignored the rules about hand washing and work on the Sabbath. An entourage of women went to his tomb at the break of day to grieve, to show their respect, or to do any number of things that we won’t know until we meet Jesus face to face. They were shocked to be the first to learn that he was not there. He had beaten the ultimate enemy, sin and death. Again Jesus had become an outlier. Shout it to the housetops as we face the challenges of living a Christian life in a secular world. Our Lord is risen. He is not dead!

Join us in worship next Sunday. Become an Outlier, a Christian in a rapidly changing world. Rocky Mount Church offers lessons in how to be outside the “acceptable” limits of a secular society.

Bethsalem Baptist Church

Our worship started off with baptism for Drew Edwards. Our Call to Worship was “It Is Finished” by Kendal and Cleve.

Bro. Bobby gave the children’s message titled “The Colors of Easter.” Jesus is alive.

Our Celebration Choir special was “See What a Morning.”

Pray for our Pastor Search Committee, Louise Thomas, Charles Bryant, Hunter Moore, Kera Foster, Roger Littlefield, Paul Price, Rebecca Martin, Wayne Smith, Mark Walker, Sid Griner, Shirley Cobb, Lynetta Bolden, Jessie Phillips, Jason Nelson, Dan Tessin, George and Diane Williams, the family of Ed Gleen, revival to come to our church and country. Also, pray for John Rogers.

Happy Birthday to Eric Chavers, Hannah Horton, Kristen Corn, Betty Bennett, Hailey Edwards, Kacy Barrett, Lenna Wilson. Kim Williams , Chuck Boyles, Sally Easterling, Hayley Wright, Christy Payne, Nathan Evans, Monya Hughes, Robyn Denham, Kniston Pack and Summer Gaither.

Next Sunday, we will have a guest speaker from Gideons International. Next Sunday night, our children’s choir will perform.

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