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County hires new EMA director

Published 4:00pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“We don’t have an animal control officer for the county, but the sheriff’s department does not know how to handle these cases,” Plier said. “This particular case that happened in March was strung out over 30 days, and we don’t know what to tell people when they call and ask for an animal control officer.”

Plier told commissioners in the past, employees at the humane society have called the sheriff’s department when an issue came up requiring authority from law enforcement.

“I spoke with the sheriff, and he pointed out he doesn’t have an officer nor the funding for an officer so I am here to ask you for guidance as to what we should do,” Plier said. “We are at a standstill because the sheriff’s department tells people to call the humane society, and we tell people to call the sheriff’s department.”

Parnell asked Plier what sort of recommendation she had for the commission.

“I would ask that when you start putting the budget together for next year, you put enough money in the budget for an animal control officer in the county,” Plier said.

Commissioners told Plier that an animal control officer in the county would have to have the authority to arrest individuals and would have to be someone from the sheriff’s department.

Agee told Plier that due to election season, she could approach all of the sheriff candidates and get a commitment from one of them about working toward an animal control officer.

“This would be a good time to talk to all of them and get a commitment from one of them that they would work to make this happen,” Agee said.

After a lengthy discussion from commissioners exploring various options regarding animal control issues, Parnell said he would contact the sheriff and talk to him about possible solutions.

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