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County hires new EMA director

Published 4:00pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barnett explained that water runs down the middle of the road, often posing problems for residents who live on the road.

“The road department keeps piling red mud on the road, and now it is to the point where I can’t get to my home,” Barnett said.

Caton told Barnett his problem was similar to many in the county after recent flooding caused residents throughout the county to have road issues.

“We have had a ton of rain,” Caton said.

Barnett told Caton the issue wasn’t about the recent rainfall, and the problem had been ongoing for two years.

“It isn’t an issue of rain,” Barnett said. “It is an issue that the road has no ditches, and red mud keeps piling up on the road. I wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t a serious situation.”

Barnett brought several photographs to illustrate his concerns to the commission about the roads.

Caton told Barnett that Wearren would visit the road to assess the issues.

Chilton County Humane Society Board Member Kathy Plier spoke to commissioners regarding animal control issues.

Plier said an issue regarding a criminal case where six dogs were seized from a home in Chilton County in March prompted a discussion about who is responsible for handling criminal cases in the county.

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