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Church News for Thursday, Jan. 23

Published 10:50am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jackson Chapel Church

Bro. Gary Fant got the morning worship service started off with “Love Lifted Me” and “Oh, I Want to See Him.” Bro. Dennis blessed us with “God Has Been So Good to Me.”

Bro. Dennis’ text came from Luke 15:4-6, 8-10. We as Christians need to realize just how much Jesus Christ loves us. He loves us so much that when one soul strays away from him and comes back, this excites our Lord and Savior more than anything else. Jesus Christ does not run off and leave us, but we run off and leave him. Jesus Christ will not follow us if we choose to go down the wrong road, but all we have to do is pray and ask God to forgive us for getting off on the wrong road and he will do just that. The service ended with several coming to pray.

We were blessed to have 11th Hour with us in our evening worship service, and if you missed the singing, you truly missed a blessing. This group is much anointed and the Holy Spirit was present.

Please remember these as you pray this week: Juanita Wilkins, Samuel Burnett, Mackie Hill, the Seretha Roseberry family, the Kelley “Junior” Hughes family, Linda Varden, Mason Pate, William Spigner, Kevin Baver, our service men and women, and our lost loved ones.

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone who attended services this weekend. We are very thankful for our visitors and want to invite them back to be a part of any of our services.

Sunday morning services included a message from John 13:21-38 titled “Troubling Times Can Lead to Triumphant Times.” Troubling times begin when others betray us or choose an opposite path after sharing our companionship and compassion. Triumphant times begin when we see there are brighter days ahead and that we need to learn how to love others regardless. We need to have much love for our brothers and sisters in Christ. If we learn to love one another more than just enough to tolerate one another, then we begin to function as the body of Christ. That can bring glory unto our Heavenly Father.

Sunday night’s services included a message from Romans 3, 14 and 1 Corinthians 6 titled “Practical Righteousness,” about righteousness practiced in our relationships. Right relationships with weaker brethren, relationships free of boasting about ourselves, relationships according to our servanthood, and right relationships are all responsible relationships. We all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for the lives we have lived in Christ. We have the righteousness of God imputed unto us but we need to put that righteousness on and wear it responsibly. All things are lawful to us but not all things edify. Grace is not a license to sin, but rather a license to do that which is righteous. We want to invite you to attend baptismal services this coming Sunday morning and also Family Night in the evening service.

For more information by phone, call Pastor Oscar Mims at (205) 755-9399.

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