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County approves contract with Birmingham Association of Realtors

Published 4:35pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

•Discussed the topic of smoking at the courthouse with plans to discuss the topic in length at a future work session.

Caton told commissioners he received three recent complaints from individuals that people were smoking near the courthouse.

“I have been asked that we require people to stop smoking on courthouse property,” Caton said. “We have a designated area and we have signs telling people they can’t smoke in front of the courthouse, but people are still doing it.”

Commissioner Joe Headley said he would like commissioners to consider the possibility of preventing county employees from smoking in county vehicles.

Commissioner Heedy Hayes asked how the county would be able to enforce the regulations.

“If we are going to do something like this we need to make the rule that you can’t smoke anywhere at the courthouse,” Hayes said. “I won’t vote for this unless we agree to do it everywhere. I don’t think you can just have a designated area.”

Commissioner Joseph Parnell asked for clarification if the decision would limit smoking or all tobacco products.

“This is a delicate subject,” Parnell said. “There are some people who can’t get through the work day. I don’t see singling out smokers and not singling out others.”

•Set a work session for March 3 to discuss the 11 resumes submitted for the Chilton County Emergency Management Agency director position. The commission will also review a section of the county employee policies and procedures handbook that received updates and changes in 2013.

•Passed a memorandum of understanding between the Chilton County Board of Education and Chilton County EMA to use the schools as a site for people to use in case of a public emergency.

•Passed a resolution to solicit bids for work to be done on doors that are not working properly at the Chilton County Jail.

Some of the commissioners expressed concern that the price for the repairs to the jail doors would cost between $100,000-$150,000 and would use up the remaining money in the Capital Improvement Fund.

Everyone voted in favor of soliciting bids for the work.

•Passed a resolution approving a key card for Suzanne Bolton.

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  • jlmclean

    What the contract does, is allow 3000 members of The Birmingham Association of Realtors to view all details of all real estate transactions for their own profit, so why should it cost the County, but, I bet the Citizens as property owners of Chilton County will not be able to access this same information. Also, as in other counties the detailed information will probably be available for private companies to market for a profit and still without free access to all data for the Citizens and property owners who pay to keep the County solvent

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