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Church News for Thursday, Dec. 5

Published 9:53am Friday, December 27, 2013

Mount Carmel No. 1

As we gathered in the house of the Lord on Sunday, we were thankful for the teaching of our Sunday school lesson, “A Problem You Cannot Solve,” from Romans 1:16-17.

“Bitter Waters Made Sweet” was the title of the sermon Bro. Derrell preached on Sunday from Exodus 15:22-27. The Israelites had come out of Egypt and found no water. They came to Marah and found water, but they could not drink it. The Israelites were to learn a lesson: life is a mixture. Moses said, “Stand still and see the will of the Lord.”

First, they experienced the Red Sea; then three days later, they were in the wilderness and found no water. The Israelites learned that God was in control. They also learned something about themselves. They murmured to themselves and against God. They were living for themselves, not for the Lord. The Israelites were only concerned about their own needs and were never satisfied. They learned that God was aware of their needs and would meet those needs. He is the same today. The spiritually bitter waters of today are a result of our relationship with the Lord.

If you missed this message, you missed a blessing.

On Sunday evening, our special music was by Bro. Derrel and Tammy. They sang “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.”

Our lesson was taken from Joshua 14:6-15 titled “Lessons From a Pioneer:” Caleb was 85 years old, full of wisdom and ready for service to his Lord. He said, “I am as strong this day as I was in the day Moses sent me. I wholly followed the Lord my God.” Caleb, a pioneer, had the confidence he needed when he said, “Give me this mountain.” Be strong and of good courage. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Upcoming events:

On Dec. 8, we will have our church decorating service, the Hanging of the Green. Please come and take part in this service.

Our Christmas card post office has begun receiving cards. Please bring your cards for the church family and make a donation for the postage to our Lottie Moon Offering. Our children will deliver the cards on Sundays.

Remember our church play. The young people will present “Two Nights Before Christmas.”

The Christmas party for the Adult II Sunday school class will be held on Saturday, Dec. 14 at 1 p.m. at the home of Hershel and Sarah Scott. There will be fun, fellowship, games, finger foods and Dirty Santa. You are invited.

The Prayer Walk for December will be held on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 4 p.m. Come join us as we pray for our church and all requests.

We thank you for your prayers, especially for Jeff Higgins, who is recovering from burns. Remember to pray for Donald Liveoak, who had surgery on Wednesday of this week. Be much in prayer for the families of those who lost loved ones this past week.

We welcome all of our visitors who came to worship with us this Sabbath and invite them to come again. If you don’t have a home church, we would love to have you join our family of God.

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