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Church News for Thursday, Oct. 17

Published 1:30pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bethany Baptist Church

Morning services began with the hymn “Rock of Ages,” led by Lori Knight. Glenn Vines gave the devotion “God’s Word Bears Fruit.” God’s Word tells us that as saved people, we have a home promised in heaven. Because we are saved forever doesn’t give us the freedom to live like the world: in sin. We are not perfect, but should live as near like Christ as possible, witnessing daily to the lost.

After a prayer and Sunday school, we began our worship service with singing “The Grace of God Amazes Me,” “Now I Belong to Jesus,” “I Shall Know Him” and “Our Best.” Prayer requests and announcements were made.

Bro. Aubry began a two-part message, “Worthy Is the Lamb,” from Revelation 4:11-5:14. In chapter 4, John sees God sitting on his throne. Heaven is filled with praise to Jehovah. New Jerusalem praises God for his glory, power and creative acts. God alone has the right to judge the earth.

The whole planet is in turmoil today. From earthly perspectives, this can cause fear, doubt and confusion. Jesus will come back to earth at his appointed time and he will not be late! Through a heavenly perspective, everything makes sense.

There are two groups: the created ones, the angels, who have no chance of redemption; and the redeemed ones, humans, who can have redemption through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Satan and all the fallen angels can never be redeemed from hell.

In heaven, Jesus is the center of attention, the main attraction. We are created for God’s pleasure. (Revelation 4:11)

Chapter 5 sets the stage for the Tribulation Period. Consider the scroll (the Book) as it unfolds. It is a mystery to us. Each portion of the scroll has a seal, of which there are seven. In verse 2, 3 and 4, we see that no one of mankind is worthy to open the book. Even saved man is a sinner, only saved by grace.

Chapter 6 concerns the redemption of the earth; 5:9-10 deal with redemption. Jesus is “the Lamb” that is worthy of opening the book. He is sinless and was slain for the purpose of redemption, which is a vital part in understanding the future for us.

Jesus paid our redemption on the cross. (Galatians 4:5, 1 Peter 1:18-19 and 1 Corinthians 6:19-26) The Holy Spirit lives inside saved people. We should not take the Holy Spirit to places God would not go. God should be glorified in our body and spirit. Jesus loved us enough to be our kinsman redeemer. In the book of Ruth, we have the example of a kinsman redeemer in Boaz. Jesus loved the church—not one big universal church, but the institution of the church as a whole. In the Old Testament, land could be redeemed. (Jesus will redeem the earth one day.) One could buy back property he had lost, as is demonstrated in Jeremiah 32. The laws of our land today are from the word of God.

When Jesus died on the cross, he died not only for the redemption of our souls, but for the redemption of the earth. Our body is earthly, but in the resurrection, we will have a glorified body. When man sinned, Satan became the God of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4). No one has to go to hell. Everyone has a chance to go to heaven; we only need to accept Jesus as Savior. Only Jesus is willing and worthy to be our redeemer.

Bro. Aubry led in prayer and we had a hymn, “Trust and Obey,” and were dismissed with a prayer.

Sunday evening, services began with the hymn “Thou Art Worthy,” which is the title of the day’s messages. After a prayer and business meeting, Bro. Aubry continued part two of his message.

In chapter 5 of Revelation, a search is taking place. The mysterious scroll is being read, but no one could be found worthy to open the Book and loose the seals. Who is morally fit to carry out all necessary requirements to redeem the earth? Many rulers of the world wanted dominion over the earth, but none have succeeded. The antichrist will come close to ruling the entire world, but will fail because he isn’t worthy.  No one in heaven (the angels), on earth (man) or in hell (Satan and the fallen angels), are worthy.

In verse 5, John was weeping loudly when one of the elders said “Weep not: behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, (Jesus) hath prevailed.” John sees a crucified lamb as it had been slain.

When Jesus died and was buried, Satan thought he had defeated God, but Jesus arose from the grave, victorious over death, the grave and hell. Jesus conquered Satan by meekness and humility; therefore, he alone is worthy to open the Book and loose the seals. Jesus had been in the midst of the angels and the four and twenty elders all the time. John had not seen him. He is now standing at the right hand of God because it is time for the earth to be redeemed from Satan. Jesus is a winner. At the appointed time, he will redeem the earth.

After a prayer and dismissal hymn, “Are You Washed in the Blood,” we were dismissed in prayer.

Prayer list: our churches, missionaries, Bro. Aubry, Shirley, Henry Moore, Elwyn and Grace Robinson, Billie Neeley, Bro. Steve and Phyllis, John and Amanda, Jeanette Jessop, James Gray, Elaine Staten, J.C. Collins, unspoken requests, Ellen Gray, the lost and our nation.

Mountain Springs Church

Services started with Bro. Kenneth Moates leading the church in the following hymns: “Come Unto Me,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Down On My Knees” and “Come and Dine.”

Bro. Roger Cleckler gave a devotion from Deuteronomy 6:1-2: God has brought us out of sin and bondage so we can be brought into his kingdom.

After Sunday school, Bro. Kenneth led the church in the hymn “I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him” and Sheri Williams sang “Stand Up For Jesus.”

Bro. Don preached from Acts 3: 1-9: A lame man sat at the gate called “Beautiful,” and was healed by Peter and John in the name of Christ. In order for the lame man to be healed, he needed Jesus Christ, confidence in Christ, encouragement and the right result. We need to witness to the lost and invite them into the house of God; we need everyone to be saved and know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Sunday night’s service started with Bro. Kenneth leading the church in the hymns “I’ll Be Satisfied,” “Living By Faith,” “I Never Shall Forget the Day” and “I’m In a New World.”

Bro. Bobby Brindle and his wife were with us tonight. We are so thankful for the ministry that Bro. Bobby gives as he witnesses to people all across the Unites States. We hope the Lord continues to bless him and his wife as they bring more people to Christ.

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