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Maplesville receives favorable audit

Published 6:08pm Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For the police department, the council approved Chief Todd Ingram’s recommendation for officers Bridgette Ellis and Keith Avery to receive a 25-cent pay raise since they have reached their six-month probationary period of employment with the town.

In a roll call vote, council members Hal Harrison, Sheila Hall, Hilda Atchison and Richard Davis were in favor, while council member Patty Crocker abstained on the grounds of being related to one of the aforementioned police officers.

Ingram recommended the council appoint Barrett as animal control officer to enforce Maplesville’s leash law and write citations for violation of the leash law and for animal cruelty cases.

As part of his recommendation, Ingram asked the council to pay $275 to send Barrett to a three-day course to earn state certification necessary to be an animal control officer.

The council unanimously approved Ingram’s recommendation for Barrett’s position and certification course.

In other police business, Ingram said officers concluded a recent investigation by arresting a person for forging prescriptions at a pharmacy in town.

Court Clerk Cindy Brown said the town started October with 887 warrants and ended with 872 warrants.

Brown said $0 was collected for Safe Streets Act, leaving a balance of $13,200, which was the same as September.

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