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Maplesville receives favorable audit

Published 6:08pm Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Regarding the town’s sewer expansion project, the council voted to commit to paying half of the preliminary engineering fees to Sentell Engineering Inc., contingent upon the Maplesville Utilities Board committing to pay the same amount.

Preliminary fees would total $11,000 and would be part of the design when the project moves to construction, according to Senior Vice-President John Stevens of Sentell Engineering.

For the fire department, Chief Michael Drewry asked the council for $1,000 to cover the cost of sending 12–15 members to a one-day training class in Tuscaloosa.

Drewry said the class would include live fire and search and rescue training.

The council approved Drewry’s request for $1,000 for the class.

Drewry said his department selected Streets Superintendent Kenny Barrett as assistant chief.

Along with Drewry as chief, the other officers remained the same: Assistant EMS Chief Christine Epperson, Capt. Melvin Morrow and Lt. Chase Anderson.

The council also approved three new fire department applicants, pending their drug tests.

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