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Church News for Thursday, Sept. 5

Published 11:56am Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bethany Baptist Church

The choir special Sunday morning was “Redemption Draweth Nigh.”

Bro. Steve’s sermon was taken from Revelation 2:1-7, called “When We Need Revival.” These words to the angel (pastor) of the church at Ephesus are the words of Christ himself and can be applied to any church in any age. This church was doctrinally sound; they labored, had patience and were not quitters. But Christ found one major fault with the people in the church: they had left their first love, which was their love for Christ. They were doing things that were right, but they were not done from the heart. They were backslidden.

They were reminded first, to remember where they were when they got away from God. (If we are not closer to God today than we were yesterday, who moved?) Secondly, they were to repent. They were to recognize their wrongs and turn from them toward the right way. Thirdly, they were to return to their first works, return to their first love for God and his works.

We need to return to our first love. We need revival in our church!

Prayer list: Betty Biggs, Doris and Verdie Glenn, Carl and Ellen Gray, Jeanette Jessop, Bro. Danny Jones and his family, Frances McKinnon, Billie Neeley, Grace and Elwyn Robinson, Lisa Rodriguez and Elzie Sanders.

Samaria Baptist Church

We had a very special day in God’s house. Our service was very blessed by the singing of Jeannie Mims, as she sang, “When He Comes Down.”

Our prayer concerns today go out to Walter Hudgins and Drusilla, as Walter is in the hospital receiving treatment; also to Diane Fisher’s sister, Jean Kebbel, who is undergoing tests this week; Suzanne Kee; Betty McCary; and Tucker Jones, son of Josh and Becka Jones.

Our pastor continues to improve health wise, but did not preach today. We had a guest speaker instead. Bro. Roger Vines shared with us his mission ministry, as well as bringing a message. The Ministry to Nicaraugua is a 10-year project by Bro. Roger and his wife. He has built a home there and stays three months at a time serving the needs of the area’s poor and indigent citizens.

We have the power to be conductors of God’s love to others in our city, as well as the world. When we try to undertake projects without God’s approval, there will be ultimate failure. Make sure that God is in it before you get carried away with a plan of action. He should have the first and last say in the matter.

Judges 20:18 is the scripture for our message today. Even in Old Testament days, people had a way of being stubborn and wanting to do things their own way. When the men of Israel went out against the Benjaminites, they left God out of the equation. This time they lost 22,000 warriors. As they went again without seeking God’s will and blessing, they lost 18,000 more. These unnecessary deaths should have been avoided if they had just let God direct them as they went. The arrogance that prompted them to depend on their own strength caused great loss and defeat.

When all the people of Israel decided to consult the Lord God, and humbled themselves with burnt offerings, and with fasting and prayer, the end result was much different.

When hearts are made right, and attitudes are changed to be in accord with our Heavenly Father, we will always get a better outcome. Time is fleeting and the days are coming faster until our Lord returns. We must invite him into our hearts, because he is waiting for us to let him in. God doesn’t need us; we need him. May the peace of God be alive in your hearts today.

We welcome you to visit our services at Samaria. Next Sunday night, we will resume evening services. May God bless you and your family.

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