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County will add three more storm shelters soon

Published 2:06pm Friday, September 13, 2013

In April 2012, former Chilton County Commission Chairman Tim Mims signed the “Community Storm Shelters Standard Operating Procedures.”

Collum and 911 Director Dan Wright signed the procedures stating that the shelters were under the control of fire departments.

Under the listed procedures, each fire chief is responsible for maintaining a schedule of when each manager will be responsible for opening and operating the shelter.

Collum and 911 also have a copy of the names of people responsible for opening and operating the shelter.

When a shelter is opened, a report is given to 911 and an announcement is made by a 911 dispatcher.

Collum said on Tuesday that those responsible for manning the shelters are allowed to close the shelters once there are no watches and warnings in the county.

The proposed 11 shelters that will be built throughout the county including the three that have been approved by the GERF funding include:

•Cedar Grove, 2245 County Road 37, Clanton.

•Collins Chapel, 13274 County Road 29, Clanton.

•Enterprise (Fairview), 9597 County Road 37, Clanton.

•Enterprise No. 2, 3178 County Road 49, Clanton.

•Gap of the Mountain No. 1, 768 County Road 55, Clanton.

•Gap of the Mountain No. 2, 1297 County Road 607, Clanton.

•Higgins Ferry Park, 11019 County Road 28, Clanton.

•Isabella, 1960 County Road 29, Maplesville.

•Union Grove, 18050 County Road 42, Clanton.

•Verbena, 3885 U.S. Highway 31, Verbena.

•West Chilton No. 2, 950 County Road 213, Jemison.

Currently, the six county shelter locations that have already been installed throughout the county include:

•Clanton City Hall, 505 Second Ave. N., Clanton.

•Maplesville, 120 Railroad St., Maplesville.

•Enterprise Fire Station, 6162 County Road 24, Verbena.

•West Chilton Fire Station, 2678 County Road 42, Jemison.

•Union Grove Fire Station, 11638 County Road 51, Jemison.

•East Chilton Fire Station, 5640 County Road 28, Clanton.

A GERF request has been sent to three more shelters awaiting construction with the hopes they will be approved for the funds but Helms said on Tuesday he has not heard anything regarding whether the county has or will be approved.

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