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BOE discusses proposed 2013-2014 budget (updated)

Published 6:41pm Thursday, September 5, 2013

The breakdown of budgeted expenses in the general fund for 2013–2014 is as follows: salaries and fringes, 86.5 percent; maintenance building services, materials and supplies and software maintenance agreements, 3.74 percent; utilities, 3.35 percent; CNP (Child Nutrition Program) transfer funds, 3.1 percent; transportation fuel, parts, oil, etc., 1.83 percent; instructional materials and supplies, fee funds for teachers and textbooks, 1.27 percent; computers, 0.06 percent; general insurance for vehicles and buildings and contents, 0.06 percent; professional educational services, health and psychological services, 0.05 percent; auditing and architectural services and legal fees, 0.02 percent; and travel, workshops and training, 0.02 percent.

Preparation of the proposed annual budget is basically a yearlong process.

After learning how many teacher units and other employee units the state has allotted for the county for the coming fiscal year, Yeargan, Hayden and the board must designate a percentage of the general fund to cover salaries and fringes for all school system employees.

They must look at the last year’s budget and balance for the general fund and agree on how the remaining percentage of general funds will be divided among other required categories, such as bus fuel and utilities, along with maintaining at least $4 million in reserve for monthly operating expenses.

In the capital projects fund, Yeargan estimated a balance of about $3.9 million in September 2014 as long as no emergencies arise during the year, such as a school building needing unexpected repairs immediately.

The capital projects fund is separate from the general fund. Money in the capital projects fund may only be used for buildings, not the school system’s operating expenses.

The Capital Outlay Committee meets each year to review school projects that need to be done, prioritize those projects based on the condition of structures and determine which projects can be paid for based on the amount of budgeted money in the capital projects fund.

The committee is headed by Chilton County Schools Maintenance Supervisor Wayne Howell and includes Hayden and board president Lori Patterson.

Estimated expenses for capital improvement funds include the Chilton County High School roof project for $1 million, Jemison Middle School and Jemison High School roofing for $750,000, Maplesville Ag roofing for $100,000 and Verbena High School roofing for $500,000, in addition to lease of buses for $450,000.

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