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Board approves new employees Tuesday (updated)

Published 6:11pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The following employees were approved:

•Chilton County High School – Ryan Ellison, health teacher.

•Clanton Elementary School – Summer Ard, collaborative education teacher; Juliana Delgado, collaborative education teacher; Danielle Allen, pre-K teacher assistant (OSR); Magenn McGriff, pre-K teacher assistant (OSR); Marshell Wilson, pre-K teacher assistant (OSR); Christin Polk, severe need special education teacher.

•Clanton Middle School – Carla White (transfer), assistant principal; Deidre Bishop, language arts teacher.

•Isabella – Debra Moates, cafeteria assistant.

•Jemison Elementary – Kara Cleckley (transfer), counselor/teacher; Dana Price, elementary teacher.

•Jemison Middle School – Julie Lawrence (transfer), counselor/special education teacher; Ronnie Moates (transfer), custodian (12 months); Karla Lambert, secretary (9.5 months).

•Jemison High School – Joyelle N. Wills, social science teacher.

•Maplesville – Steven Hunter, principal.

•Verbena – Brandi Patterson (transfer), cafeteria assistant; Christina Cochran, counselor; Jessica Jones, elementary teacher; Cyndel King, math teacher.

•LeCroy Career Technical Center – David Hubbard, .5 unit law enforcement credential instructor; David Driver, .5 firefighter credential instructor; Meredith Kelly (transfer), teacher assistant (nine months).

•Central Office – Nichelle Bulger Johnson (transfer), professional development/curriculum director.

•Bus Shop – Kelly Cummings, bus driver, Isabella route.

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  • chiltoncoparent

    Thought our hard working superintendent was only going to
    Hire teachers with degrees. Guess he forgets the editorials
    That he wrote when he was a math teacher.

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