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Session to provide information about effort to re-open hospital

Published 9:01pm Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Operating as BGMC LLC, McKenzie and Burdette have petitioned Chilton County’s circuit court to transfer the Certificate of Need held by CMC’s previous operator to them, or to void the current CON so they can apply for a new one.

Judge John Bush is scheduled to hear the motions July 25, the Chilton County Circuit Court Clerk’s office confirmed.

The hospital board is also seeking a CON as part of their effort to build a new hospital.

It is unlikely that there would be CONs issued for two different medical facilities in Chilton County.

“I really don’t think [Chilton County residents] need a new hospital,” McKenzie said. “Bricks and mortar don’t make any money. What really makes a difference is a quality staff.

“There is no reason why you can’t have a fine hospital there.”

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  • Phil Burnette

    All right, the group wanting to re-open the old hospital met last night. I was unable to attend due to being needed elsewhere. I really wanted to attend to ask the investors some questions but I was very happy to be helping others in need last night. With that said, I understand it was a low turnout event despite the appearance given by the press coverage.

    At this point they have had their say and it seems not to many cared to hear their reasoning and/or explanations for what they seek. What they seek is to spend millions of dollars to bring a 50 year old building up to the standards demanded by the state of Alabama. These expenditures (perhaps $3 million dollars or more) are MANDATORY due to needed repairs and upgrades. And let’s not forget SunLink holds a $6.5 million dollar lien on the property which someone will have to pay. Guess who those costs will be passed along to?

    So you have an outlay of at least $9.5 million and you still have a 50 year old building that is only going to continue to decay and require ever more complex and expensive repairs.

    I am not a contractor but I have heard estimates from people with much more knowledge than I that we could build an entirely new hospital for approximately $15 million dollars.

    Now think about a few things. New industries will locate themselves where the better facilities are and they look VERY deeply into such things as the available medical care and other areas of local support. Medical staff are much more likely to come to a facility that will not need constant repair. Patients will be much safer in a newer, cleaner and better equipped and staffed facility.

    This will attract more jobs to the area, increasing our tax base instead of growing the economies of other cities. Lower unemployment + larger tax base = improved and sustained growth for this county. It will bring improved safety and better opportunities for our children. It will make our county a much better place in which to live. Think about it folks…

    Oh, and one more thing to consider. Would you rather have Chilton County residents decide and control the future of our area or profit-driven outsiders? I feel we should make our own decisions and work toward our own goals, not enrich others. Think about it, pray over it and decide. What do YOU want for your county and your children?

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  • mack13

    Finally, someone has come up with a very doable approach to fixing our hospital needs in Chilton County.

    If the current facility can be brought up to code with good repairs and renovations, let’s give it a go. We would have an up and running facility a lot quicker and for a lot less expense than a new one, without an increase in sales tax.

    I applaud the idea of Bill McKenzie and Joel Burdette. I had a feeling that there had to be another solution and these two gentlemen are on the right track.

    just my .02


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