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Commission approves repairs at Chilton-Clanton library (updated)

Published 10:10pm Monday, June 24, 2013

During the May 13 vote, commissioners Mims and Headley voted against the motion.

Mims said his reasoning was largely due to not knowing how much the total cost of the projects would be.

Caton said the committee wanted to meet with all of the department heads and judges.

Caton told commissioners on Monday the committee met and came up with a list of five items deemed a priority.

“We decided these were the five things that we need to start working on,” Caton said. “We met with one person who came by and looked at our camera systems and he gave us an estimate of how much it would cost to fix those.”

Caton said the estimate the committee received included 20 cameras at $300 per camera.

Caton said the committee also discussed removing the garbage cans and ashtrays from around the courthouse, placing buzzers on some of the doors and trimming and removing shrubbery around the courthouse.

Another item discussed included the parking spaces in the back portion of the courthouse.

Caton said the committee discussed the option to assign certain parking spots to courthouse department heads or judges with a number and vehicle assigned to the parking spot number.

“This would allow us to keep up with who is parking in the parking lot,” Caton said. “If someone parks there that isn’t one of the people designated to park then we will be able to know.”

Headley said he would not like to see extra private parking spaces made due to limited parking space currently surrounding the courthouse.

Caton said the commission would approve who would park in the parking lot.

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  • Katherine Reece

    The historical society and a lot of other groups use that conference room for meetings and special events I’m glad to read that they are going to work on the room and fix any issues there.

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