Land transactions for the week of June 16, 2013

Published 1:00pm Thursday, June 20, 2013

The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from June 6-12:

June 6
•Allen J. Gamble and Merri Jean Gamble to William Adams Pratt, land located in Lot 15 of Deer Trace Subdivision.
•Ernest McMeans and Donna G. Holley to Anthony Ronald Simpson and Barbara A. Simpson, land located in Section 10, Township 23, Range 14.
•Martha Juanita Jenkins to Jonathan A. MacQueen, land located in Section 10, Township 23, Range 13.
•First United Security Bank to Chris Thompson, land located in Section 6, Township 22, Range 15.
•Joe Killingsworth to Kenneth D. Cost and Donald E. Lowery, land located in Lot 4 of Sunset Cove Subdivision.
•Selene RMOF REO Acquisition, LLC to Annette Barnett and David Barnett, land located in Section 24, Township 22, Range 14.
•Leonard Coggins to W. Keith Coggins and Annette F. Coggins, land located in Section 18, Township 23, Range 14.
•The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to EH Pooled Investments, LP, land located in Section 36, Township 21, Range 14.

June 7
•Donald J. Wittich Jr. and Angeline R. Wittich to Donald B. Kirkpatrick II and Janice M. Kirkpatrick, land located in Lot 102 of the Survey of the Resurvey of Lake Mitchell.
•Kenneth Roper to Don and Carolyn D. Folsom, land located in Parcel 17-01-01-2-202-001.001.
•Kenneth G. Roper to Don and Carolyn Folsom, land located in Parcel 11-07-36-3-002-009.000.
•Gregory Allen Roper and Catherine Louise Roper to Amy Candice Roper and Tyler Allen Roper, land located in Section 6, Township 20, Range 13.

June 10
•Mary G. Bentley, aka Mary Ham, to Mary Ham and Michael ham, land located in Lot 11, Block 1 of Mountain Oaks.
•Lila Ellison to Antonio Zaragoza and Teresa Zaragoza, land located in Section 5, Township 22, Range 13.
•Wanda Chancellor to Scotty Willis and Allison Willis, land located in Lot K of the City of Clanton.
•Elise Faye Frith to Agustin Santana Patino, land located in Section 17, Township 22, Range 13.
•Roger Mims and Pauling Mims to the State of Alabama, land located in Section 35, Township 22, Range 14.

June 11
•Wells Fargo Bank on behalf of Greentree to Day Star Homes, land located in Section 7, Township 22, Range 14.
•Jason Vernon to Jessie Minor, land located in Lot 17, Block 3 of the plat prepared by Clarence Clarence J. White.
•Keith Jackson, Dawn J. Devaughn, Terry L. Jackson, Ricky Jackson and Donna J. Williams, all heirs at law and next of kin of Elvie R. Jackson, deceased, to Terry L. Jackson and Cheryl Marie Jackson, land located in Section 20, Township 23, Range 14.
•Charles L. Calloway to Stephanie Nelson, land located in Section 27, Township 21, Range 15.

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