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Church News for Thursday, May 9

Published 10:28am Monday, June 3, 2013

Calvary Independent Baptist Church 

We want to thank everyone for attending services this weekend.

Sunday morning’s services included a message from John 5:26-30, concluding the message of Christ being equal to the Father and doing nothing outside the very will of God the Father.

Jesus Christ is life to all who receive him. Judgment is committed unto him to judge the unbelievers who will not receive him. In him is found the power of resurrection, both of the just unto life, and the unjust unto damnation.

How about you, are you ready for the coming Christ? Are you one of the saved looking for that blessed day that we will be called out to meet him in the air? If not, I want to encourage you to believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ today for salvation. Trust in the fact that he died for our sins, was buried and rose victoriously from the grave on that third day, and is alive forevermore.

Sunday night’s service included a message from Ruth 1-2. Bro. Kevin Shaw brought a message on Boaz, and how we, too, can find blessings by being in the will of God. Yet how often will we do things according to our own wishes and desires, ignoring the will of God? Jesus loved us enough to die for us; shouldn›t we love Jesus enough to live for him?

We want to invite you to visit and worship the Lord, Jesus Christ with us during any of our services. We invite you to visit with us during any of our services. We are located in south Clanton, just past Dollar General, off U.S. 31 on Fulmer Drive. Sunday school: 9 a.m., Children›s Church and adult worship service: 10 a.m., Sunday evening service: 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday service: 6:30 p.m. For more information, call Pastor Oscar Mims at 205-755-9399.

Samaria Baptist Church

Bro. Charles’ message was titled “The Time Draws Near.” The scripture came from Thessalonians 5:1-28. We live in a time when our church rolls are high, but attendance is often low. Real participation is often hard to find in many places. We need to realize that Jesus depends on us to have a burden for lost souls. Some church people don’t pray, read the Bible or take part in services. This is not the way worship should be. It is our task to lead souls to Christ. In order to do this, we have to show Christ to them by the way we live.

In the days of Noah, people were living riotously and selfishly up until the time Noah entered the ark. Jesus will come as a thief in the night, just as unexpectedly as in the time of Noah. Destruction will come to those who deny him, just as destruction came to those who died in the flood. We need to get our house in order, for in such a time that we expect it least, Christ will return.

We are seeing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy every day. Immorality, adulterous living, and riotous living: all are things that lead to destruction. God will judge the evil that is accepted as an alternate lifestyle today. Our government even approves of homosexuality, and this is an abomination unto God. Our nation needs a return to Christ, and it needs it more than ever before. Rome fell due to the homosexuality of its leaders. They no longer had the manhood to govern, and were infiltrated by the very evil of their behavior.

We are witnessing record divorces in this country. Divorces hurt children most, and they tear down the fiber of stability for families. Nobody is free to be disobedient to God. He will deliver judgment for the sins committed against his statutes. People do not look for Christ to come in the mire of sin, but it is at times like this that he will return, just as a thief in the night.

In Christ, we have no fear, and we fear no man. The anti-Christ may be alive today; we do not know, but if we put our faith in our Savior, and do not allow anything or anyone to deter us from our service to him, we have no need to worry.

Diane Fisher sang “God Wants To Hear You Sing.” This song inspires us to know that it’s easy to praise him when things are easy. The best blessings we can know come when we praise him during the stormy times. That is when our Father’s heart is blessed.

Please pray for Bro. Charles, Ronnie Lockhart, Horace and Gayle Cleckler, Ray and Phylis Hardee, Tucker Jones and graduating seniors in our county schools.

God bless all who read this article. Please join us for a wonderful day in worship of our Lord on Mother’s Day.

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