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Church News for Thursday, April 11

Published 6:07pm Friday, April 12, 2013

Samaria Baptist Church

“The King is Coming.” Jeannie Mims played this beautiful instrumental hymn for us this morning, and what a blessing it was. Bro. Charles’ text came from Hebrews 4:1-16.

Those who surrender to Christ are saved for eternity. We are promised eternal rest. Believing by faith, we are granted salvation by his grace. We must be ready, because we never know at what hour our Lord may come, or when we may be called home. A lot of today’s obituaries are written for people younger than we expect. Dying at a young or middle age is commonplace in our world today.

God is calling out to us, giving us an opportunity to come to him and avoid Satan’s day of destruction. The way to heaven is through the Savior. He has taken it upon himself to create the way for us to spend eternity with him in heaven.

Some church-going folks don’t seem to treasure God’s house. We show up when we want to or feel we have to. We don’t get the joy that God is here to give to all who seek him. The devil cannot steal our soul, but he can steal our joy, so we must be on guard to make sure we worship in a joyful manner. He is here today, offering you eternal life and joy. Do not turn him away.

Our prayer needs today are for Betty and Gerald Mims, Bennie Clark, Paul Brooks, Roger Cleckler, Tucker Jones and family, David Jones, Nita Smith and Horace and Gail Cleckler.

Our birthday girls are Drusilla Hudgins and Charlotte Smitherman. Happy Birthday to these sweet ladies.

Enjoy your week, and know that the Lord is God. May God bless and keep you.

Cedar Grove Church at Thorsby

To God be the Glory!

Bro. Heath brought the message, “Not a Walk In the Park,” from 2 Corinthians 11:24-28.

The world as a whole is under the misconception that to accept Christ as your Savior and be a servant unto him, is to live in constant bliss. At times, we think we are not supposed to hurt, suffer, cry, or experience loss or heartache. We think we should always be on the top of the mountain. Then reality hits, and we go into a valley or through a storm, and we wonder why? We are not seeking God and his guidance enough, not studying his word enough. He plainly tells us that while here on this earth, we will suffer as he did; we will be persecuted as he was and we will have our cross to bear. We also need to remember that our reward is to be in heaven with Jesus. Everlasting life in Jesus far outweighs any and all sacrifices we may make here; this is just our temporary home. Glory to God in the highest! God Bless all.

Announcements: Homecoming: August 18, the third Sunday, instead of the fourth. Guest will be Randy Perry. Revival: Aug. 19-21.

Prayer concerns: Bro. Gary Hubbard, Bro. Jeff Carroll, Douglas Scott, Sallie Davis, Janet Wyatt, Tucker Jones unspoken prayer requests.

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