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Church News for Thursday, Feb. 28

Published 7:03pm Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friendship Baptist Church

Our Call to Worship was “This is the Day.” Our choir special was “As the Deer.”

The Reverend Mark Ledbetter was with us during our morning service. He has studied Jewish history extensively. He shared how the similarities of the Old Testament Passover in Exodus relate to Christ and the New Testament.

Following the service, we went to the fellowship hall, where we shared in a Passover meal similar to the biblical meal.

Upcoming events:

Feb. 27-March 5: Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

March 23-May 4: Youth mission trip fund raisers: bagging groceries at Winn-Dixie and selling Mixed Bag Designs, which are due by March 3.

March 9: Make-up day for church directory pictures

March 10: Daylight Savings Time begins

March 21: State Baptist Senior Adult Singing in Eastmont, Montgomery

April 13: Wedding of Raymond Moore and Callie Wyatt

Prayer request: Stephanie Jones, Samantha Wilkerson, Janice Wyatt, Susan Davis, Jeff Lyles, JoAnn Lyles, Callie Wyatt and Raymond Moore, Craig Smith, Tracy’s mom, Bess, Samantha Tingle, Carmen Thomas, Brandy and Shane Moats and the medical mission trip to Guatemala.

Christ Independent Methodist Church

On this beautiful spring-like Sunday, it was hard to believe we are in what is actually supposed to be winter. I can’t remember having so many flowers blooming at this time of year.

We extend a welcome to Laura Lea Sims, a World Gospel Missionary to the American Indians in Arizona. She spoke extemporaneously on her work among the Indians and some of their needs. The reservations are still in need of many services. After a visit with her family, she will be returning to the mission field to minister to the Native Americans. Join us in prayer for this missionary who does God’s work among the Indians of Arizona.

When you pray, remember Dr. Stinson, his sister, Nell and his daughter, Anne, on her way home from Africa as a medical missionary.

Rememer Opal Miller, Dell Moody, Tania Dawson, Cindy McCavitt, Judy Atkinson, Kelley Parker and all others who who need the touch of the Master’s healing hand. Remember our military and their families, our country and our dedicated offiials, our neighbors and each other.

Next Friday is World Day of Prayer. We encourage you to spend time in prayer, as others all around the world will be, for our leaders, nations, schools and families.

We invite you to join us on Sunday night for a study in the Book of Daniel.

Have a blessed week.

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