Clanton Police Department reports for the week of Feb. 25, 2013

Published 3:05pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from Feb. 11-17:

Feb. 11
•Theft of property, third degree: 204 15th St. N.
•Harassment: Courtney Trailer Park
•Disorderly conduct; domestic violence: Baugh Ford
•Theft of property; burglary: 1406 Meadow Wood Drive
•Failing to appear (public intoxication): Waffle House (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: Shell Station, Exit 42 (arrest)
•Drug paraphernalia, first offense; promote prison contraband: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Negotiating worthless instrument: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Gas Drive-off: 301 City St. (four arrests)
•Vehicle accident: Fourth Ave. N. and Eighth St.

Feb. 12
•Illegal possession of prescription drugs: Interstate 65 S. at Mile Marker 206
•Illegal possession of prescription drugs; DUI (any substance): K.M.A. (arrest)
•Forgery; identity theft: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Electronic drug offender tracking system: 301 City St. (24 arrests)
•Attempting to elude law enforcement; possession of marijuana: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Domestic violence; arrest without warrant: 14th St. S. and Third Ave. S. (arrest)
•Probation violation: Chilton County Jail (arrest)
•Vehicle accident: Seventh St. S. and County Road 41

Feb. 13
•Harassing communications: 104 Trilliam Lane
•Theft of property, third degree; robbery; burglary: 38 14th St. S.
•Electronic drug offender tracking system: 301 City St. (three arrests)
•Harassing communications: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Vehicle accident: Jackson Ave. and Seventh St. S.

Feb. 14
•Forgery; burglary: 1970 Ellison Road
•Property damage/civil matter: 2829 Fourth Ave. N.
•Harassment: 300 Medical Center Drive
•Abandoned vehicle: Interstate 65 N. at 205 Mile Marker
•Probation violation: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Vehicle accident: First Ave. and Sixth St.

Feb. 15
•Unclassified complaint: 206 Willis Circle
•Property damage/civil matter: 235 Price Drive
•Theft of property, third degree: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Suspicious activity/incident: Clanton Middle School, 835 Temple Road
•Possession of a forged instrument: 3990 Seventh St. N.
•Theft of property, third degree: 1001 Jasper Dennis Road
•Theft of property: 107 Dogwood Court
•Possession of a forged instrument: 3990 Seventh St. N.
•Lost/recovered property: Seventh St. S. in front of the Shell Station
•Death investigation: 1303 Eighth St. N.
•Assault; harassment: 1004 Green St.
•Criminal trespass: 205 Lilia Ave.
•Failure to pay for gasoline: 2134 Seventh St. S.
•Domestic violence, third degree; harassing communications; attempting to elude law enforcement; possession of open container of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Harassing communications: Chilton County Jail (arrest)
•Shoplifting: 1415 Seventh St. S. (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: Regions Bank (three arrests)
•Alias writ of arrest: Old Henry Road (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: 301 City St. (three arrests)
•DUI (alcohol): Seventh St. S. at Newport Ave. (arrest)

Feb. 16
•Possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of a controlled substance: First St. and First Ave.
•Theft of property: 508 Taylor St.
•Illegal possession of prescription drugs; theft of property, third degree: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Domestic dispute, no element of crime: 1500 Ninth St. N.
•Unauthorized use of a vehicle, theft of property: 144 Peachtree Lane
•Suspicious activity/incident: 102 Courtney Trailer Park
•Attempting to elude law enforcement; open container/drinking in public; DUI (alcohol): Interstate 65 at Mile Marker 209 (arrest)
•Public intoxication: Waffle House, Seventh St. S. (arrest)
•DUI, greater than .08; open container/drinking in public: Seventh St. S. and Poplar Springs Road (arrest)
•Failure to appear (unlawful distribution/furn control substance); failure to appear (possession of a controlled substance); failure to appear (imitation drug manufacture/distribution): 3712 Seventh St. N. (arrest)
•Shoplifting; illegal possession of prescription drugs: 1415 Seventh St. S. (arrest)
•Vehicle accident: Seventh St. and Logan Road

Feb. 17
•Property damage/civil matter: 112 11th St. S.
•Probation arrest warrant (expired driver‚Äôs license and obstructed windshield): Caf√© Firenze, 200 Town Mart (arrest)
•Attempt to commit crime; electronic drug offender tracking system: Alabaster City Jail (arrest)
•Public intoxication: 502 10th St. N. (arrest)

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