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Resident addresses commission about beautifying north side of county

Published 3:58pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“It was a good meeting with some good discussion,” Caton said. “There are still some things we would like to discuss but we should have everything on track to present to the commission by our first commission meeting in March.”

The committee is made up of Caton, commissioners Joe Headley, Greg Moore and county engineer Tony Wearren as well as three loggers in the county.

The purpose of the committee is to focus on ways to adapt the ordinance to benefit Chilton County.

Caton also told commissioners the Airport Authority had a board meeting on Feb. 7 with the newly appointed chairman Edwin Petty stepping down and Craig Cleckler being reappointed to the chairman position.

“I think everyone on the board is trying to work together and I think some changes came about that will be for the better,” Caton said.

Agee attempted to make a motion to increase the monthly fund to the Chilton County Humane Society for the 2013 year from $12,901 t $20,000 a month but Caton told Agee funds were not coming in and the commission did not have the ability to increase more funds at this time.

“It was my understanding that if the commission received additional funds we would move in the direction of giving it to the humane society,” Agee said.

Caton said revenue has not come in and the commission would know whether they could increase funds for the humane society by the first meeting in March.

Agee withdrew his motion to increase money for the year but informed the commission he would be bringing the motion back up for consideration at a future meeting.

The commission voted on Jan. 28 to increase funds for the humane society by having, the local legislative delegation try to pass a local bill increasing the county data processing fee from $5 to $5.25 to meet obligations in funding for animal care.

Agee said if the bill was passed it would more than likely not immediately relieve the financial burdens the humane society faces right now.

“I would like to see us get something established to help them right now,” Agee said. “In the meantime I hope everyone at the humane society will be patient with us until we come up with a way to get more money to you all.”

Commissioner Heedy Hayes expressed concern for the way things were handled regarding Chilton County’s involvement with the Alabama Department of Transportation’s (ALDOT) Rural Assistance Match Program (RAMP).

The program would further assist cities and counties with transportation infrastructure needs and Hayes told Caton and Wearren the rest of the commission was not being properly informed about decisions being made involving the program.

Caton assured Hayes that no decisions were being made without the commission’s knowledge and anything involving the projects for each city would not occur without the commission signing off on them.

In other business, the commission:

•Approved a resolution for Caton to sign the 2013 tax levy.

•Passed a resolution nominating Rusty Merrill for reappointment to the Chilton County Water Authority.

•Approved a telephone to be placed at the Chilton Veteran’s Affairs office.

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