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Church News for Thursday, Feb. 7

Published 9:25am Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christ Independent Methodist Church

On this divine Sunday morning, it was my pleasure to attend church and carry yellow jonquils from my yard to beautify the house of the Lord. I think God loves beautiful flowers because he made so many of them. Jesus spent his last night on earth in the Garden of Gethsemane before being crucified. The Bible tells us that he often walked in the cool of the evening in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve before they were expelled from the garden.

Dr. Mac Stinson’s message today was based on scripture taken from three different books of the Bible: Isaiah, Corinthians and Luke. The gist of the scriptures is humility and its value, as we find in the lives of the apostles sent forth by Christ to preach the gospel on foreign missions.

Remember to pray for the boy who was held hostage by a madman in an underground bunker, and pray for his family. Continued prayer is requested for Dr. Mac Stinson and his sister, Nell. Pray for Opal Miller, Judy Adkinson, Kelley Parker, Bobbie Sammons, Ann Glass and all whose names are known to our Great Physician. Pray for our military and their families, our country, church, community and each other.

Feb. 10: Mike and Sharon Garrett, missionaries to Honduras, will be here for our morning service. Our evening service will resume with our Valentine dinner and fellowship at 5 p.m.

Feb. 17: Our regular evening service and Bible study continues. The study will focus on the Book of Daniel.

Ladies A.T.M. Refresher is coming up in March. The theme is “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.”

Have a blessed week.

Bethany Baptist Church

The singing, praying, fellowship and worship was a blessing at Bethany Baptist Church on Sunday. On Sunday morning, Jeanette Jessup and J.C. Collins sang “The Haven of Rest.” Bro. Steve continued preaching through the Old Testament books. His message was titled “Lessons From Zephaniah.” The three main lessons from the book: God judges his people when they disobey him, God’s promises to Abraham still stand and God’s word will be fulfilled in its time. Many events that happened 2600 years ago in Zephaniah’s day read like today’s headlines. God was in control then and he is still in control today.

On Sunday Evening, Bro. Steve began a study titled “A Scriptural Examination of Music.” The text came from 1 Samuel 16:14-23, and was about David playing his harp before Saul. As a result of the music, three things happened to Saul: He was refreshed, he was well and the evil spirit departed from him. The application of this text is that music affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Prayer list: Betty Biggs, James Bixler, Ada Church, Arnold DeLoach, Doris and Verdie Glenn, Hubert Griffin, Mildred Griffin, Laverne and Dick Hayes, Journey Mission in Calera, Vicki Mims, Billie Neeley, Elaine Staton and Lillianna Thompson.

Upcoming events:

Feb. 10: Business meeting

Feb. 16: Valentine banquet: 6 p.m. at the church

Feb. 27: Ladies Auxillary

See you on Sunday!

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