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Shelter funding solution could come from data fee increase

Published 5:07pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clanton resident Steve Olis asked Missildine during the public hearing how long an animal stayed at the shelter before being euthanized due to lack of adoption.

Although Missildine said it was hard to give an exact number, the humane society is required to house the animals for seven days after they are brought to the shelter.

“I really can’t give an exact number but I know that more than 3,000 are euthanized a year compared to about 400 adoptions,” Missildine said. “That is the tough part for me because I am often the one who euthanizes an animal. I want to give every animal as much of a chance as I can but unfortunately sometimes we have to make tough decisions.”

Commissioners Joe Headley and Tim Mims voted against increasing the data processing fee by 25 cents with the rest of the commission voting in favor.

Mims told Agee during the meeting he was unprepared to vote on any potential measure and wanted to research everything more before voting on it.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Mims said he was not ready to vote on anything and thought the commission needed to discuss everything more before going ahead with the vote.

“I’m not against the humane society and it has nothing to do with them,” Mims said. “I just don’t think everything was handled properly because the commission normally discusses things a little bit more before voting on them and I simply felt unprepared.”

Headley said he voted ‘no’ due not wanting to increase money that would affect people paying for the data processing fee.

Agee encouraged those in the audience to call Wallace and Ward and let them know their support for trying to have the resolution passed in Montgomery.

“It will be very important to let our delegation know you want this to be passed,” Agee said.

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