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Commission votes on possible solution to increase funds for humane society

Published 9:43pm Monday, January 28, 2013

The Chilton County Commission held a public hearing on Monday to work toward a solution for increasing funds for the Chilton County Humane Society.

The commission voted to contact the local legislative delegation and ask them to pass a local bill increasing the data process fee for portions of land by 25 cents to meet obligations in funding for animal care.

Commissioners discussed various ways to increase funds for the Chilton County Humane Society in front a commission chamber packed with local supporters for the humane society during a public hearing that started at 7 p.m.

Commissioner Bobby Agee asked members of the audience to raise their hand on whether they showed up to the meeting to support the shelter and the majority of those in attendance raised their hand.

“We are trying to find a workable solution that will help,” Agee said. “It is obvious there are a lot of people who are wanting to help this shelter.”

Agee asked Chilton County Humane society director Scott Missildine to explain the current system implemented at the shelter for animals brought in that are not from the county.

Missildine said in 2012 there were 807 people who brought in animals that were outside of city limits with 64 percent of the animals from the county.

Missildine did note that since the humane society started charging $40 for each animal brought in from the county the numbers had dropped.

“We need more money,” Missildine said. “I don’t like telling people they have to pay a fee.”

Agee told the audience Commission Chairman Allen Caton had researched various ways to increase funds after considering an increase on county water bills and finding it not to be a workable solution.

Caton found that the county currently charges a $5 data process fee for land transactions that could be increased by 25 cents and would generate roughly $23,000 a year.

“Although this is not a quick fix and would have to be passed in Montgomery, we think it would help us generate some much needed funds,” Agee said.

State. Sen. Cam Ward and Rep. Kurt Wallace were not present at the meeting.

Commissioners Joe Headley and Tim Mims voted against increasing the portions of land by 25 cents with the rest of the commission voting in favor.

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  • trublu2u67

    Thank goodness I didn’t vote for either of the commissioners voting “NO” on this situation of our Humane Society. I have a respect for Tim and never thought he would have had to think twice about a yes vote on this. Needless to say I AM A DOG LOVER!

    God bless all our commissioners for the job they do, even if I don’t agree with them all the time :)

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  • mack13

    Thanks Joe and Tim for just saying “NO.” When we are already facing tax increases on property, we really don’t need one dime more.

    Joe and Tim don’t need a reason to just do the right thing.
    They seem to remember who they represent, unlike our State
    Reps in Mountgooney.

    just my .02


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  • shannon johnson

    I would like to say thank you to the Commissioners for holding the hearing and voting in favor of a solution to better fund the County Humane Society, and also, to the residents of Chilton County who attended the meeting in support of the Humane Society.

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    • trublu2u67

      I’m with you Shannon, I wish I had been able to be there. Please call our Representatives and let them know how you feel. I am!

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  • Phil Burnette

    Did Commissioners Joe Headley and Tim Mims give any reason(s) for their no votes? Did they offer any alternatives?

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    • trublu2u67

      The online version of the paper didn’t put what either gave as a reason for the “NO” vote. I don’t understand why either would vote against a .25 increase data processing fee if it meant saving a pets life. Twenty five cents is not going to be that big of an increase, come on guys, have a heart!

      Mims: Said he wasn’t against the Humane Society, he just didn’t think it was handled properly……..maybe he wanted to talk about it for a month or two while more animals were being euthanized.

      Headley: Said he didn’t want people paying more money for the data processing fee. Please, Mr Headley you must not own a pet! SMH

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    • Stephen Dawkins

      We were reporting under a tight deadline after the meeting, Phil, but we followed up with a more detailed story. Here’s a link:

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      • Phil Burnette

        Thanks Stephen! Appreciate all your work brother.

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