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Published 7:42am Sunday, January 13, 2013

“We scored and had the penalty,” said Hand. “You think, ‘Who can make the play?’ We were out of timeouts and didn’t have a lot of time. That’s the thing about Austin. [We knew] if he could make the play, he would.”

Rossi said he wanted another shot at the catch.

“The only thing was getting the guy off me,” he said. “I’m just glad coach trusted me enough [to try it again.]”

He got his wish and made the catch, leading to the win. As for his future plans, Rossi’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done is apparent there, too.

“I’m going to go play college ball,” he said. I don’t know where, but I’m going to. Samford or UAB are where I want to go, honestly.”

As for offense or defense when he gets to the next level, Rossi just wants to play, regardless of position.

“To tell the truth, I really don’t have a preference,” he said. “I’ll play any position. If coach Hand told me to go out and punt, I’d try.”

2012 Football All-Area Team

Quarterback: Colby Chambers, Junior, Maplesville
Running back: Brintain Hill, Senior, Maplesville
Running back: Michael Seaton, Senior, Chilton Co.
Receiver: Anthony Johnson, Senior, Maplesville
Receiver: Randy Satterfield, Senior, Jemison
Tight end: Austin Rossi, Senior, Chilton Co.
Offensive line: Alex Clackley, Senior, Verbena
Offensive line: Brady Garrigus, Senior, Thorsby
Offensive line: Joseph Hall, Junior, Jemison
Offensive line: Anthony Neece, Senior, Chilton Co.
Offensive line: Spencer Watley, Senior, Chilton Co.
Defensive line: Kendrick McCary, Senior, Jemison
Defensive line: Dalton Turner, Senior, Thorsby
Defensive line: Luther Tyus, Senior, Billingsley
Linebacker: Cameron Andrews, Senior, Maplesville
Linebacker: Richard Hilliard, Senior, Chilton Co.
Linebacker: Kevin King, Senior, Jemison
Linebacker: Aaron Ratliff, Senior, Isabella
Defensive back: Myric Good, Junior, Chilton Co.
Defensive back: Torrey Green, Senior, Billingsley
Defensive back: Damian Mitchell, Junior, Maplesville
Defensive back: Tyler Smith, Junior, Isabella

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