Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of Dec. 3, 2012

Published 3:15pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Fire Department from Nov. 14-27:

Nov. 14
•Bleeding, non-traumatic: 1700 Block Greenwood Ave.
•Motor vehicle accident: Lay Dam Road and Interstate 65
•General illness: 100 Block Marion Ave.
•General illness: 100 Block Sixth St. S.

Nov. 15
•Rubbish fire: 900 Block Seventh St. S.
•Cardiac arrest: 700 Block 15th Ave. N.
•Chest pain: 800 Block Scott Drive
•Altered mental status: 1500 Block Seventh St. N.
•Chest pain: 600 Block Pineview Road

Nov. 16
•Motor vehicle accident: Temple Road and Thrash Road

Nov. 17
•False alarm: 100 Block Peach Tree Lane
•Fall: 200 Block Randall Circle
•Extremity injury: 100 Block Park Drive N.
•Extremity injury: 3000 Block Seventh St. N.

Nov. 18
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 at 202 Mile Marker
•Difficulty breathing: 1000 Block Trilliam Lane
•Child birth: 900 Block Second Ave. N.
•Fall: 300 Block Hinkle Road

Nov. 19
•Abdominal pain: 1700 Block Kincheon Road
•Diabetic emergency: 100 Block 12th St. N.
•Abdominal pain: 1300 Block Eighth St. N.
•Rubbish fire: 800 Block 15th Ave. N.

Nov. 20
•Rubbish fire: 1100 Block Seventh St. S.
•Diabetic emergency: 200 Block Meadowview Circle
•Chest pain: 100 Block Third Ave. S.
•Chest pain: 2200 Block Seventh St. S.
•Public assist: 20 Block Fifth Ave. S.

Nov. 21
•Blood pressure check: 2500 Block Seventh St. S.
•Fire alarm: 100 Block Campbell Road
•Motor vehicle accident: 800 Block Seventh St. N.
•General illness: 1300 Block Woodfin Lane
•Difficulty breathing: 100 Block Mims Circle
•Fall: 200 Block Thompson Ave.
•Difficulty breathing: 1400 Block Fourth Ave. S.
•Public assist: 1000 Block Coodey Road

Nov. 22
•Bleeding, non-traumatic: 200 Block Town Mart
•Smoke investigation: 600 Block Sixth St. S.

Nov. 23
•Blood pressure check: 100 Block Sixth St. S.
•Motor vehicle accident: Second Ave. N. and Hinkle Road
•Burn: 100 Block Camille Circle
•Fall: 100 Block Elwyn Ave.
•Public assist: 1000 Block Coodey Road
•Motor vehicle accident: Fourth Ave. N. and Hannah St.
•Fall: 1600 Block Taylor Ave.
•Extremity injury: 200 Block Willis Circle

Nov. 24
•Grass fire: 4800 Block County Road 28
•Fall: 200 Block Thompson Ave.
•Difficulty breathing: 200 Block Lilla Ave.
•Public assist: 600 Block Clanton Market Place
•Difficulty breathing: 100 Block Thompson Ave.
•Difficulty breathing: 2200 Block Fourth Ave. N.
•Assist law enforcement: 300 Block City St.

Nov. 25
•Public assist: 1400 Block Meadowood Drive
•Chest pain: 300 Block Smith St.
•Public assist: 700 Block Ellison Ave.
•Bleeding, non-traumatic: 1000 Block Third Ave. S.

Nov. 26
•Seizure: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.
•Difficulty breathing: 1300 Block Fourth Ave. S.
•Stroke: 400 Block Pinedale Road
•Overdose: 20 Block Second Ave. S.
•Bleeding, non-traumatic: 1300 Block Fourth Ave. S.
•Seizure: 1100 Block Samaria Road
•Motor vehicle accident: Bradberry Lane and Seventh St. S.
•Helicopter landing zone: 2000 Block Seventh St. S.

Nov. 27
•Seizure: 2800 Block Fourth Ave. N.
•Public assist: 100 Block Randall Circle
•Difficulty breathing: 300 Block Smith St.
•Syncope: 1000 Block Temple Road
•General illness: 200 Block Seventh St. S.
•Fall: 200 Block Airport Road
•General illness: 1700 Block Kincheon Road

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