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Commissioners will consider logging ordinance in January

Published 4:56pm Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wearren said there have been concerns with loggers receiving citations from the ordinance; however citations are issued after a warning has been issued and the timber owners has been given time to comply to the ordinance.

If a warning has been issued and the timber owner has still not complied with the ordinance, the license inspector can issue a citation. The model ordinance states that the citation must be delivered in person to the timber owner or the timber owner’s representative at the site where a violation has occurred. The person who receives the citation must sign a copy of the citation acknowledging he or she has received it. A timber owner who has received a citation and does not comply with the ordinance will be fined $500 per day.

According to a copy of the model logging ordinance, if the ordinance is adopted in Chilton County all timber owners would be required to submit proper notice to the county commission prior to initiating any timber harvesting activities or utilizing county roads or bridges for delivery of pulpwood, logs, poles, posts, or wood chips to any wood yard or processing plant.

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