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Commission votes to give funds to hospital board

Published 7:37pm Monday, November 19, 2012

The Chilton County Commission unanimously voted Monday to give $960,000 to the Chilton County Hospital Board in hopes of re-opening Chilton Medical Center.

Throngs of people lined the downstairs hallway of the Chilton County Courthouse to hear the vote that could potentially aid the hospital board’s plan to re-open CMC and possibly purchase the facility.

Commission Chairman Allen Caton called the meeting to order informing everyone that due to the special meeting being called, no one from the audience would be allowed to address the commissioners.

“If you have questions or concerns you can address those at our upcoming commission meeting,” Caton said. “We are here tonight for one purpose and that is for the commissioners to discuss how we are going to vote.”

Commissioner Shannon Welch made a motion to commit $960,000 between the Chilton County Hospital board and the commission with Commissioner Heedy Hayes seconding the motion and the rest of the commissioners voting in favor.

The funds the hospital board sought from the commission came from a trust fund established after the hospital board sold the facility in 1983.

At the time the hospital was sold, $1.9 million was put in the trust fund with the interest accumulated allocated to the county commission who could use the money at their discretion for the county.

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  • tenfold

    To be honest…this is simply stupid.

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  • Rickey

    It is fine that the Commission agrees to contribute money. But I am under the impression that not only was the Hospital “broke”, it also provided sub-standard care to patients as well. When a hospital is shut down, you can bet there is more involved than just the lack of money.

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    • kittycreek

      The Hospital was shut down because it could not make payroll. That is seen as a public safty issue because of the fear that the employees would not come to work and the hospital would be unable to give adequate care to those who might show up there thinking care was available. In this case and in some instances “any” care might be better than driving 30 plus miles; however, valuable time could be lost if the proper personnel is not at work because they are not getting paid.

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    • blueberry

      false statement “Rickey” !! The hospital was providing excellent care to pts ! A little research on your end would prove that ! No one that works in an hospital would take the chance on someone life! That is their passion .. To provide the best pt care for each pt. Sorry that you were uninformed of this !

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