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Chilton County needs hospital

Published 8:12am Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear editor:

My name is Haley Little. I’m 15 years old, and I feel that Chilton Medical Center should be re-opened because of how big Chilton County is.

As of Monday, Oct. 29, CMC was closed. If it hadn’t been for CMC on April 12, 2010, my father, David Little, would not be here because of a severe burn that happened at J&J Recycling. CMC stabilized David Little until Life Flight could get to CMC to take him to UAB Burn Center.

Chilton Medical Center needs to be open. Chilton Medical Center has saved many lives. I’m so thankful they have been here. If Chilton Medical Center hadn’t been here and open when my father got burned, he would have died.

Haley Little

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  • timwms45

    I recently was employed by a hospital in southwest Alabama in about the same condition as Clanton’s hospital (CMC). There, it was very poor management leaving vendors both local and not without payments for lengthy periods. As employees we were going at times weeks without a paycheck and some bounced when deposited. That hospital closed one year ago and left a city just like Clanton devastated. Patients now have to travel farther for care and patients with true life-threatening emergencies are more at risk of not surviving. I have worked in other rural hospitals that is supported by a county tax of 0.5-1 mil and is making a profit. I do not believe there is any reason CMC could not be a thriving medical center if supported. This area is sure to see tremendous growth over the next 10-20 years and there should be a medical facility growing right along with the community. I know it is a place where physicians desire to practice and should be attracting even more specialties. Please do not let Clanton lose a major lifeline that is also a drawing factor for large industry. County officials should really look into ALL avenues to re-open the hospital.
    Tim Williams CRNA, CMC employee 1980

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