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Locals react to Obama’s re-election

Published 6:29pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“I was really disgusted by what I saw on Facebook,” he said.

Powers Devotes Time to Republican Cause

Although membership and publicity chairman for Chilton County Republican Party Renee Powers admitted she felt “blue” and disappointed with Tuesday’s results, she was not defeated.

“I have already made up my mind to stay the course and continue the fight,” Powers said. “I will start working to try to figure out how we can make a difference somewhere. We are rock solid down here in the South and I am proud that we still aspire to live by the biblical principles without accepting moral issues that are so controversial.”

After teaching kindergarten at Clanton Elementary School for 25 years, Powers decided to become involved in politics and now spends her retirement devoting time to Republican politics.

Powers received a call from a friend asking for help in Iowa, one of the swing-states where Independent voters outnumber both Republicans and Democrats.

“My friend said they needed some people to push forth a last minute effort with the Republican party so I put on Facebook that I needed to put a team together to go and we got a group willing to go and we went,” Powers said.

“We had a man raise money for us to travel 16 hours and drive to Iowa where the locals put us up in their homes and I didn’t know anyone in the group but we went for the purpose of helping another state out with the Republican party. Only in America can you do these kinds of things and regardless of the outcome, we had a wonderful time.”

Although Obama ended up carrying the state of Iowa, Powers said things she learned while on the trip made her feel proud to be from Alabama with people who were willing to step up to the plate when needed.

Powers said what she faced in Iowa was a lot of neutral voters which meant to her, a vote for Obama. Powers said her team stayed in Iowa for seven days and made about 3,000 phone calls a day.

“I just think that through all of this I am trying to remember the Bible verse of Proverbs 3:5-6 and encourage others that the Lord provides for those that honor him,” Powers said. “Everything will be OK, the sun will always come up tomorrow.”

Although many throughout Chilton County had differing opinions on the election results many were in agreement that going forward and figuring out ways to adjust to the outcome is healthy.

“I hope everyone can come together and stop feeling so much animosity,” Schultz said. “When someone disrespects the president, they are disrespecting the office of presidency that the men and women have fought for us to have the right to even go vote for.”

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  • kittycreek

    I am very happy President Obama won again! I was afraid that the lies and distortion from Fox News and others would win out; but truth and Democracy prevailed against the big money! ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻

    Thinking man – No one has reached into your pocket more than you have benefitted from the contrubutions made by your fellow Americans. Take a close look around and TURN OFF FOX AND RUSH! ☺

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  • Rickey

    In four short years, President Obama has done his very best to fix the mess that the Republicans have created while they were in office for the last umpt-teen years. The current economy (and many other woes) IS NOT the result of the President. It is an accumilation of years of Republican efforts, and quiet frankly, America wised up and voted them out of the White House …. TWICE

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  • Thinkingman

    Ms.Shultz: good for education because they won’t have to go to mom and dad for the money? Now they just go to me, reach into my pocket and take what they need. I took responsibility for educating my kids and will no doubt contribute same for my grand children. The free ride train is going to derail.

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