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Chilton Medical Center must meet state mandate or risk closure

Published 9:17pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If there is no sale, CMC officials could have a difficult time convincing the state that progress can be made.

“I have to be able to convince the state of Alabama that we are financially viable,” Chapin said. “If something doesn’t happen very soon, I won’t be able to do that.”

Board member Allen Payton described the mood of the situation: “It may very well have to close to clean this mess up. That’s the saddest part about all this. I just don’t see a way out at this point.”

James Cheek, former president of Carraway, and Herschel Breig, former Carraway executive vice president, are serving five-year prison sentences after being found guilty of hiding about $5 million that should have been paid to cover employee payroll taxes at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

Upon James Cheek’s imprisonment, his brother, Ted Cheek, was named president of Carraway. He works out of an office across from CMC off Lay Dam Road but did not attend Tuesday’s meeting.

Chris Cheek, whose relationship to the rest of the Cheek family couldn’t be verified at press time, attended the meeting but told those in attendance that he didn’t have any authority to make decisions about the hospital.

In August, CMC employee Scott Cheek was arrested by Hempstead County (Ark.) Sheriff’s Department officers with the help of Clanton Police. Cheek was accused of illegally transferring hospital beds from a Carraway-owned facility in Hope, Ark., to CMC.

Cheek, the nephew of James Cheek and Ted Cheek, was maintenance supervisor at both hospitals at the time of the transfer, Chapin said in July.

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  • Rickey

    Yes, people need this hospital. But it is a business and if the business ain’t turning a profit, then it (nor any business) won’t make it. It’s a red flag for me when the Health Department has to question the functionality of a Hospital. If a facility can’t meet Health Department standards, then they certainly ain’t gonna meet mine!

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    • Katherine Reece

      I could tell you horror stories about every hospital I’ve ever seen. Including UAB and it’s in the top five in the world.

      It’s why I make it clear to my hubby that neither he or I will stay in ANY hospital without the other to watch over us. I’ve seen mistakes made everywhere and if I hadn’t almost raised enough hell to get a security guard called to me my Mother would have died in a hospital room at UAB.

      And you know, last time I heard you don’t live in this area. So it would be no problem to you if the hospital closes however to me it would be a nightmare as I’d have to drive much further – and in pain – to get to another hospital just for tests.

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  • Katherine Reece

    I was just at the ER early Friday morning, plus I had to go to the hospital for an ultrasound test on my heart. It’s also where women in the area go for mammograms. Our community needs this hospital.

    I do have a budget hint… turn down the AC in the ER!!! Man I was freeeeeeezing in there!

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