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Vote no on referendum

Published 5:06pm Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear editor,

Every one please remember to get out and vote for the referendum on dipping into the “gas and oil” rainy day fund. Don’t let the wording of the referendum scare you into voting yes!

If politicians get their hands on that money, they will not pay it back, and it makes it that much easier to go back and raid the money again.

The budget needs to balance, yes. But take some cost cutting measures in other ways. Reform Medicaid, look for ways to do away with fraud and cut some salaries, starting at the top. Do away with some state cars. I could go on and on. Just vote no and save this money for a real emergency. Don’t let the politicians raid the fund!

Janet Edwards, Jemison

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  • kittycreek

    I will be voting yes too.

    The state has already made drastic cuts over the past 3 years. Further cuts will mean a loss of Federal matching funds for Medicaid, more job losses, and more economic strain on the state.

    The fund is for emergency situations or a “rainy day” and folks — it’s pouring! ☺

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  • Will Ray

    Makes me wonder just how deep the water has to be before Ms. Edwards thinks the “rainy day fund” should be used. If we’re not going to use the rainy day fund for a rainy day, then all we are doing is allowing the banks that hold the money to get wealthier as they invest it. I have nothing against banks getting wealthy, much to the contrary, but the fund was established for just such times like the ones in which we now find ourselves. AND, there is still plenty of oil and gas being produced everyday to replenish the fund and the last time I checked the price is pretty high on those commodities. I’ll vote yes and maybe our lawmakers won’t dream up a new tax in it’s stead, my family is already paying all the taxes we care to.

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  • Phil Burnette

    Voters need to do some honest research and ask medical professionals about the impact a no vote will have. Doctors will leave the state and hospitals and nursing homes will cut services and/or close if the shortfall is not addressed. This may not be the best way of doing so but it is the best immediately available solution to protect the elderly and infirm. Would you vote no if it were your spouse, parent or child facing lesser care or possible death due to cuts when a yes vote could prevent those cuts and help your loved one?

    If this referendum does not pass we will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal matching funds. Pharmacies will close, making it harder to get needed medicines. Jobs will be lost. DHR workers could lose their jobs. Corrections officers will lose their jobs. Prisons will close and inmates will be released.

    Court staffing will be reduced, further slowing trials. Rural fire departments will lose funding, increasing your risk and insurance costs.

    According to the Legislative Fiscal Office, in three years, after the funds transfer from the savings account (so called “rainy day fund”) to the General Fund has ended, the account will have 2.7 billion in it. It has 2.4 billion now. So we would have a net GAIN of $300,000,000 dollars!

    Do you REALLY want to vote no or do you want to address our problems NOW and PREVENT loss of needed services and protections? VOTE YES!!!!

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