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Municipal election guide for Jemison

Published 10:30pm Friday, August 24, 2012

District 4

Rex D. Bittle

•Campaign website:

•Age: 45

•Family: Wife, Gillian; children, Ansley, Noah, Elijah, Seth.

•Education: BBA in Management from Georgia State University.

•Personal message: I am excited about serving the City of Jemison, my district and my neighbors with my election to the City Council. I have been involved with the city voluntarily for years and believe I can contribute officially on the council as well. I will bring to this office conservative leadership, fiscal responsibility, good planning and wisdom. Jemison is located in a desirable area of Alabama, so growth is inevitable. I know that we need to manage that growth by preparing for it ahead of time and directing it when it comes. I believe in fulfilling the commitments the city has already made and analyzing and prioritizing what is most important to accomplish in the future. All of this must be done by always balancing the budget and wisely managing the city’s money. I ask for your vote that I might serve on the City Council. See you at the polls!

Russell “Rusty” Jones

•Age: 41

•Family: Debra Jones, wife of 20 years; stepson, Adam Veazey; stepdaughter, Malissia Loucks; stepdaughter, Amanda Brascome; two granddaughters, ages 10 and 7.

•Education: Associate’s degree (Air Conditioning Refrigeration), Wallace Community College.

•Personal message: I would appreciate your consideration in voting for me for Jemison City Council, District 4. I feel that I am qualified for this position. As a minister in Clanton for 12 years and a custodian for Jemison Middle School for the past 20 years, I have become acquainted with many parents of school children, and many citizens of our county. My wife, Debra, and I have lived in Jemison for the past seven years and I care about the needs of my community and the city of Jemison. I feel that honesty and good character in government is essential to the city’s future. I look forward to representing you all in District 4.

District 5

Sam Reed (i) (u)

•Age: 62

•Family: Wife, Julia; daughter, Stacy; grandchildren, Endya and Harold

•Education: Social science degree in education from George E. Wallace; certified municipal official with the city of Jemison

•Personal message: It has been a privilege to serve the people of my district and the city of Jemison as a whole as a public servant.

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  • SallyV77

    I have seen many positive benefits of having Eddie Reed as mayor. We have a city hall we can be proud of and many other improvements such as the park, streets and sidewalks. The garbage dept went from operating in the red to making a profit. Thank you, Mr. Reed, for all you have done for the city of Jemison. For all you who love to spread lies, shame on you.

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  • rodneyposey

    As a resident Jemison, I find it great that Jemison has been turned 180 degrees from where it was. The city is cleaner, grass is cut throughout the city (for the most part), a new gorgeous city hall, lights on the interstate, and many more things. I find it disheartening that a canidate would run on nothing but negatives. Mrs. King has worked hard during this campaign, she even visited my house, and I talked to her. I think she is a nice woman at heart, but to just blast the current administration for her own gain, especially if you look from where Jemison came from, that’s disheartening. Mayor Reed is not a perfect man, but neither is anybody. I would have much rather heard what Mrs. King could do for the town vs. how she thinks how bad things are. Good luck to both candidates.

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