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Municipal election guide for Jemison

Published 10:30pm Friday, August 24, 2012

District 1

George Brasher (i)

Jeff Townsend

District 2

Donnie Lane (i)

James “Jim” Henderson

•Family: Pam Henderson, wife of 54 years; sons, Kip and Tim Henderson; grandchildren, Linsey, Krista and Tyler Henderson.

•Education: High school.

•Personal message: I have lived in Jemison for 42 years, and I have seen our city grow and with that growth brings a responsibility to the residents that their voice is heard. It is the people of Jemison that make this town special, and as your councilman, I will proudly take on that responsibility for being that voice for District 2. I would appreciate your vote on Aug. 28, and let’s bring common sense to city hall.

District 3

Robert Morris (i) (unopposed)

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  • SallyV77

    I have seen many positive benefits of having Eddie Reed as mayor. We have a city hall we can be proud of and many other improvements such as the park, streets and sidewalks. The garbage dept went from operating in the red to making a profit. Thank you, Mr. Reed, for all you have done for the city of Jemison. For all you who love to spread lies, shame on you.

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  • rodneyposey

    As a resident Jemison, I find it great that Jemison has been turned 180 degrees from where it was. The city is cleaner, grass is cut throughout the city (for the most part), a new gorgeous city hall, lights on the interstate, and many more things. I find it disheartening that a canidate would run on nothing but negatives. Mrs. King has worked hard during this campaign, she even visited my house, and I talked to her. I think she is a nice woman at heart, but to just blast the current administration for her own gain, especially if you look from where Jemison came from, that’s disheartening. Mayor Reed is not a perfect man, but neither is anybody. I would have much rather heard what Mrs. King could do for the town vs. how she thinks how bad things are. Good luck to both candidates.

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