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Church News for Thursday, Aug. 16

Published 8:42pm Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cedar Grove

I hope everyone had as good a week as I did. Didn’t do anything in particular, just happy to be here. Really blessed.

“Just a Little Talk with Jesus” was the first song, followed by “Where the Soul Never Dies.”

The Sunday school lesson was titled, “Elijah Meets Ahab.” Text came from 1 Kings 18:5-18.

Golden Text: “Why boasted thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? The goodness of God endureth continually” (Psalm 52:1).

Happy birthday to Sister Patricia Cofer. We hope you had a good one.

Missionary Roger Vines was visiting with us today. Keep him in your prayers; he is to have back surgery and his wife, Nadean, had a cornea transplant. Remember her. Also, Rick Rogers is waiting for a heart transplant.

Please continue to remember Sister Violet Porter Bridges when you pray. She is back in Shelby MICU.

Our heartfelt sympathy for the Childress family in the loss of their loved one, Brother Benny Childress

We have two young boys, Nathan and Will, who were in an accident Saturday. Pray for them.

Our homecoming day will be Aug. 26 at 10:30 a.m. Our guest speaker will be Bro. Stoney Barbee, and our guest singers will be “Broken Vessel,” Scott and Lisa Roberts. Come join us. We are looking for a big day with a good sermon, singing and a lot of good country cooking.

“When We All Get to heaven” and “Jesus Is Coming Soon” were the songs to get the worship service started. Brother Alton Russell (special request by me) sang “I Could Still Go Free.”

We welcome our visitors, Kevin Caton and son, Colton. Several were here, and I  didn’t get their names, but we were glad you came.

Brother Jeff Carroll’s message came from 2 Corinthians 10:3–5 and Ephesians 6:14–17. The title was “Glory in the Lord.”

The evening service began with Jordan Harvely leading the congregation in singing “The Old Gospel Ship” and “I’ll Fly Away.” The choir blessed us by singing “Praise the Lord All You People” and “The Plans I Have for You.”

Brother Heath Vines preached a good message titled “The Power of the Call of God.” Scripture came from Luke 9:1–13. The altar filled at invitation time.

Brother Clay Collins made the announcement of one of our youth answering the call to God on his life and called Jordan Harvely to come up.

Brother Jeff Carroll had the church come around and pray for him.

We are very proud of Jordan. I’ve known him since he was a tiny baby. He was a good baby in church, and when he was old enough to talk, he was singing for us with a beautiful voice from little boy to teenager.

I want to thank Sister Ann Russell for taking notes for the evening service. I am run down by evening. I was told it will take six months to get over open heart surgery. I had five bypasses, and was in the hospital 18 days. The Lord wasn’t ready for me just yet. Maybe he wanted me to be here to do the church news and to spread his word. God Bless and have a good week.

Jackson Chapel

Bro. Gary Fant got the morning worship service started off with “Praise Him! Praise Him!” and “The Glory-Land Way.” Luke Wilson blessed us with “Deep and Wide,” and Luke Wilson and Jenna Clark blessed us with “Jesus Loves Me.” Bro. Dennis’ text came from Philippians 3:1-11. We as Christians should take serving Jesus Christ very seriously. We do not take our Christian values very seriously, so therefore we don’t read our bibles and pray like we should. We as Christians and as a church will never accomplish what we want to with Jesus Christ if we don’t serve him like we should. We need to have a desire to be like Jesus Christ and be where he wants us to be. We should also know the power of his resurrection because there is nothing that we can’t accomplish if we would just use that power that God has instilled in us. The service ended with several coming to pray.

Bro. Gary Fant got the evening service started off with “Blessed Be the Name,” “I Can Tell You the Time,” and “O, I Want to See Him.” Bro. Gary Fant blessed us with “I Know the Lord Will Stand by Me,” and Bro. Dennis Smith blessed us with “Master of the Sea.” Bro. Dennis’ text came from Galatians 6:1-10. Christians are not perfect, and we make mistakes, but we need to know that we serve a God that will forgive us, and all we have to do is ask him. We as Christians have to be very careful because Satan will set us up in a trap, and if we’re not careful, we will get so caught up in that trap, and we will be back out in the world doing things that we know are not right. We as Christians also need to bear one another’s burdens because we are to help each other make it to the same goal, and that is heaven.

Happy Birthday to Elaine Johnson.

Please remember as you pray this week: Kathy Waites, Shirley Burnett, James and Marie Johnson, Gail Fant, Juanita Wilkins, our lost loved ones, our service men and women, our teachers and children as they prepare to go back to school.

We are located at 4020 Yellow Leaf Road, Clanton, AL 35045. Our service times are Sunday school, 10 a.m.; Sunday morning worship service, 11 a.m.; Sunday evening worship, 6 p.m. and Wednesday evening Bible study, 7 p.m.

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