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Range not wanted in the county either

Published 1:59pm Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear editor,

Ironic, isn’t it? People concerned about safety and noise from a firing range. One comment was, “Just move it to the county.”

I live in the county and called the sheriff’s department about a neighbor, about 500 yards from my house, shooting 6-8 hours straight. The noise was unbearable, and I don’t know in which direction they are firing, which made it a dangerous situation. They were shooting automatic weapons, pistols, etc., all day long. This has been a regular occurance for the last several years.

The dispatch advised that there was no noise ordinance in the county, therefore they could do nothing. He said that maybe I should talk to the people doing the shooting.

Who in their right mind would go tell them to stop?

Elton Cooper

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  • HardShell

    You wrote: “… I don’t know in which direction they are firing, which made it a dangerous situation…”

    Um, NO.

    If THEY didn’t know which direction they were firing it would be a dangerous situation, to be sure, but the fact that YOU didn’t know meant no such thing. What it meant, from your statements above, was that it was a FEARFUL situation for you… but that didn’t make it “dangerous.”

    Go talk to them, like the SO suggested. I frequently shoot on the weekends for hours at a time on private property, am quite aware of my surroundings and my backstop when doing so, and would certainly like to know if my activities were bothering a neighbor or causing them undue concern.

    Nice poeple own and shoot firearms too, y’know.


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