Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of June 10, 2012

Published 6:14pm Thursday, June 14, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from May 30 to June 5:

May 30
•Domestic violence: 700 block, County Road 774, Montevallo
•Harassing communications: Montevallo
•Harassment: 11000 block, County Road 37, Clanton
•Criminal mischief-third degree, assault-third degree: County Road 146, Montevallo
•Domestic violence-third degree: 4900 block, County Road 49, Clanton
•Criminal mischief-third degree, domestic violence-third degree: 800 block, County Road 407, Clanton
•Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, burglary-third degree, theft of property-first degree: 70 block, County Road 967, Clanton
•Domestic incident: 30 block, County Road 897, Jemison
•Hospice death investigation: 2900 block, County Road 50, Jemison

May 31
•Suspicious incident/prowler: 400 block, County Road 868, Montevallo
•Death investigation: 90 block, County Road 195, Clanton
•Forgery-second degree: Clanton
•Harassment: Thorsby
•Possession of marijuana-second degree: 2000 block, County Road 13, Clanton
•Theft of property-third degree: 300 block, City St., Clanton
•Animal attack: 700 block, County Road 410, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 300 block, County Road 948, Clanton
•Possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana-second degree: County Road 33 at Alabama 155, Jemison

June 1
•Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 70 block, County Road 956, Verbena
•Harassing communications: Montevallo
•Theft of property-third degree: 15000 block, County Road 16, Maplesville
•Road hazard: Seventh St. N., Clanton
•Unauthorized use of a vehicle: 1100 block, County Road 375, Billingsley
•Criminal trespass-first degree: Clanton
•Custody dispute: Clanton
•Criminal trespass-third degree, theft of property-third degree: County Road 340: Maplesville
•Harassment: 200 block, County Road 755, Marbury
•Domestic dispute: Verbena
•Vehicle damage: 15000 block, County Road 37, Clanton

June 2
•Medical personnel-forcible entry: Montevallo
•Theft of property-third degree, burglary-third degree: Clanton
•Harassing communications: Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Montevallo
•Theft of property-second degree: Verbena
•Harassment: 10000 block, U.S. 82, Maplesville
•Possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance: 4400 block, County Road 49, Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

June 3
•Theft of property-second degree: Clanton
•Theft of property-first degree: 5400 block, County Road 17, Maplesville
•Custody dispute: Clanton
•Criminal mischief-third degree, burglary-third degree: 90 block, County Road 127, Montevallo

June 4
•Theft of property-second degree, burglary-third degree: 300 block, County Road 508, Marbury
•Theft of property-first degree, burglary-third degree: 8100 block, County Road 37, Clanton
•Prohibition violation: County Road 447 and County Road 829, Marbury
•Harassing communications: 300 block, County Road 38, Jemison
•Harassing communications: Maplesville
•Criminal mischief-third degree: 900 block, County Road 221, Thorsby
•Theft of property-second degree: 700 block, County Road 418, Clanton
•Harassment: 1200 block, County Road 187, Jemison
•Death investigation: 300 County Road 234, Thorsby

June 5
•Domestic violence-third degree: 200 block, County Road 969, Montevallo
•Harassment: 6700 block, County Road 50, Jemison
•Assault-third degree: Jemison
•Harassment: 300 block, County Road 446, Marbury
•Domestic violence-third degree: 700 block, County Road 502, Verbena
•Unclassified complaint: 4000 County Road 81, Clanton
•Harassment, Criminal trespass-third degree: 300 block, County Road 508, Marbury

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