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Jemison enforces leash law

Published 8:15pm Monday, June 4, 2012

Despite Jemison’s ordinance prohibiting dogs from roaming free, city leaders have received several calls in the last few weeks suggesting that some residents are not obeying the ordinance.

Resident Vickie Edwards has placed at least one of those calls.

Edwards told Mayor Eddie Reed and council members Monday night that a neighbor’s dog has come into her yard multiple times and lunged at her and her grandchildren.

“If the dog kills me, I’m ready to go,” Edwards said. “But my grandbabies, no.”

The ordinance states that dogs must be kept on a leash or within a yard with a fence that is at least 8 feet tall.

“The city of Jemison has a leash law,” said Police Chief Shane Fulmer. “We will apprehend the dog and write every homeowner there a ticket. We’ll solve that situation.”

Reed echoed Fulmer’s comments, adding, “We’re not going to tolerate it in Jemison. It’s just not the way we’re going to do business.”

In other business, the council approved an alcohol license for Panther Pit Stop on U.S. Highway 31 in Jemison.

Reed provided a report on the Jemison Public Library’s Fairytale Fun event May 31, calling it a “great turnout” and thanking librarian Tammie McGriff for organizing it.

“Our librarian had magnificent entertainment for our youth and for our city,” he said. “She did an awesome job. We appreciate that.”

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  • Katherine Reece

    I have NO problem with a leash law, I have two dogs who are both inside dogs and when we go out they’re on a leash. At all times, not because I’m worried about them hurting anyone but because I wouldn’t want to lose them or have them hurt.

    But an 8 foot fence? Come on! I could see requiring a tall fence if you have a tall breed, but one of my dogs is part dachshund an isn’t much taller than a pure-bred one. How is that puppy going to need an 8′ fence? He can’t even jump up on the bed!

    Once again, I am glad I own land in the county and will fight tooth and nail to avoid going into any municipality.

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  • Phil Burnette

    Does the city of Jemison expect homeowners who own dogs and have existing fences to make them taller to meet this ordinance? If so, I hope they have millions set aside for the avalanche of lawsuits to come. Perhaps they should have consulted with an attorney before passing this.

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  • Rickey

    It’s interesting that the powers-that-be have time to sit around a pass rediculous laws like requiring an 8-foot fense and then provide no way to enforce such silliness. I’m all for a leash law … but an 8 foot fense? Please, inject a little reality into your decision making and stop embarrassing yourselves.

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  • resident of the city limits of jemison

    PLEASE! I don’t know anyone around our neighborhood with an 8 foot fence! I agree the leash law should be enforced but who has an 8 foot fence???

    Who’s going to enforce this law anyway? I have had no luck with the ‘dog catcher’ of Jemison when a dog was tearing up my property and growling and snarling at me. Not to mention the police department has a serious lack of interest in what goes on within the city limits. If you call them, you might see them and hour later…and I’m less than 2 miles from them. Actually had them come out, talk to someone that was trespassing on my property and leave without talking to me or forcing him to leave.

    Instead of threatening people with stupid laws about 8 foot fences, how about keeping your hands out of the city money and put it to good use…LIKE PAVING ROADS!!!!

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