Deeds for the week of May 20, 2012

Published 6:12pm Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from May 8-14:

May 8
•Estate of William P. Burnett to Mary B. Burt and William Francis Burnett, land located in Candler Terrace Subdivision, Clanton.
•Herman S. Washington  and Olivia W. Washington to Bobby L. Agee (BLA Properties), land located in Section 12, Township 21, Range 14.
•Jeffrey W. Hughes and Angela D. Hughes to Joe L. Humphries and Lonnie P. Humphries, land located in Section 29, Township 23, Range 15.
•James E. Cleckler and Susan M. Cleckler to Whitney Payne Jones, land located in Clanton.
•Edith Jean Gilmore to Joel DeWayne Gilmore, Larry Dale Barnett and James Kenneth Gilmore, land located in Section 23, Township 23, Range 13.
•Clyde Pierce, Jr., and Sue Mikul to Jose Gonzalez and Maria Gonzalez, land located in Section 27, Township 21, Range 13.

May 9
•Andrew Szymela and Heather Szymela to Michael Snowden and Vickie G. Snowden, land located in Verbena.
•J.O. Littleton to John Dispennette and Shirley Dispennette, land located in Section 22, Township 24, Range 13.
•Briggs Lee Gibson, Braxton Gibson, Erskine Gibson, Timmy Gibson, Benny Gibson, Sallie G. Hand, and Wanda Lockhart to Jennifer Rasberry, land located in Section 7, Township 22, Range 13.

May 11
•Estate of Jewell Anita Cates Taylor to Anita Taylor Smith and Robert Barry Smith, land located in Section 21, Township 21, Range 12.
•Jeanette Mims to G&M Construction Company, land located in Maplewood Garden Homes Subdivision.
•Domingo Tomas Nicolas and Andrah Nicolas to Luis Sebastian Tomas Nicolas, land located in Section 11, Township 21, Range 14.

May 14
•Forest Park Specialty, LLC, to Stephen B. Castleberry and Debra Castleberry, land located in Lot 12, Alaga Landing Subdivision.
•Willie Marie Mims Wilson to Pam Shaw, land located in Section7, Township 22, Range 15.
• Bank of America to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, land located in Mallard Brook Estates.
•William R. Hayes, Sr., to William R. Hayes, Sr. and Joyce H. Wells, land located in Section 8, Township 20, Range 12.
•James Earl Frost to Wilson Henry Simpson, Jr., land located in Chilton County.
•Ray K. Cox, Jr., to Ray K. Cox, Jr., and Karen W. Cox, lands located in Section 23, Township 22, Range 13.
•D&P, LLC, to Joshua Latham and Patty M. Latham, land located in Meadowview Subdivision.
•Benigno Gonzalez and Maria Gonzalez to Matthew Brasher and Chelsea Brasher, land located in Section 18, Township 23, Range 14.

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